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As the days get longer, our pineal gland gets more ultraviolet stimulation and those "winter blues" seem to melt away. Those "blues" (sometimes known as Seasonal Affected Disorder) are from a weak pineal gland. The pineal, which is a gland deep inside the brain, is stimulated by ultraviolet light through receptors in the eyes and forehead.

When you don't get enough U.V. stimulation, the pineal malfunctions and you get problems with depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, altered menstrual cycles, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, hormone imbalance, chronic infections, thyroid problems, weight gain, etc.

Unfortunately, this weak pineal condition can also occur in the summer by prolonged exposure to electro-magnetic fields (EMF).


Anything that is electrical is a potential generator of EMF. Some of the worse offenders are: computers, T.V., stereos, clocks, electric blankets, hair dryers, electric ranges, microwaves, fans, heaters, any electric motor, florescent lights, etc. Incandescent lights are o.k. but telephones or cellular phones are not.

Will exposure to any one of these kill you? No. At least not for awhile! One should NEVER sleep under an electric blanket, either on or off. Use it to keep your water pipes from freezing in the winter, but not your body. Replace it with flannel sheets and a down-filled comforter. I have seen many chronically ill patients get well only after we made them dispose of their electric blankets. Wearing socks to bed is a small price to pay for staying healthy.

Since T.V. and computers are a part of our everyday lives, we need to learn how to use them safely. Stay at least 6-8 feet from your T.V. set when it is on and 2-3 feet from it when it is off. Yes, even when it is off it emits EMF. With computers, the color monitor puts out the most EMF, so shut it off when you're not using it. On most computers you can shut off the monitor without shutting down the whole system. Don't hang out near the monitor and chat, shut it off or move away from it. The same goes for printers and copy machines. Even air filters that are purifying your air are putting out a lot of EMF.

Cars and trucks have many electrical devices in them that put out a lot of EMF. Air conditioners, heaters, radios, CD players, car phones, and even the dash board and engine. These are some of the things that add to the fatigue from long driving.

Don't put anything electrical on your bed's headboard. This just "cooks" your pineal gland all night long. Everything electrical should be at least 3 feet away from your head while you're in bed, especially your clock radio!

So, there are 2 steps to preventing Electro-Magnetic Field poisoning:

1) Avoidance
2) Strengthening


If you follow the guidelines listed previously, you will help to reduce your total exposure to EMF. It is the cumulative effect over time, on the pineal gland, that is detrimental. For those who have to be in front of a computer all day or must drive a lot, avoidance is nearly impossible. In these circumstances a BioElectric Shield or other EMF reducing devices are needed. We can give you further information on where to obtain a BioElectric Shield if you need one.


The easiest way for you to strengthen your pineal gland is by getting 60 minutes per day of sunlight with no glass between your eyes and the outside. This means no glasses, contacts, sunglasses, windows, etc. Please don't stare at the sun! You just have to be outside. This also works on cloudy days, too. U.V. rays are the ones that tan you and also stimulate the pineal.

There has been a lot of panic over U.V. and cataracts and cancer. We are not advocating sun worshipping, just a few minutes a day of natural light instead of artificial light. It will make you feel better all over.

Another way that we can strengthen your pineal is through nutritional supplements. These work pretty fast and usually are only needed for a month or two unless you are a computer jockey who only comes out at night and lives in front of a computer all day. EMF poisoning is easy to treat but is very hazardous to your health if left untreated.

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