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Essential Oils

You should know that I test products and procedures thoroughly before I recommend them to patients. When I learned about Young Living's Essential Oils I was pretty skeptical. Putting oils on your body to heal illness seemed too weird even for me! Sure we use transdermal drugs for hormones and to quit smoking but I was used to swallowing things to make people healthy. I have tested many of their products over the past few years and have been very happy with the results. I wouldn't go anywhere now without my oils!

In the book, Aromatherapy by Dr. Gary Young, he outlines the history and development of essential oils in health care. Since ancient Egypt and China, the oil essences from certain plants were known to have medicinal properties. Throughout history these essential oils have been referenced in papyrus scrolls, in ancient Scriptures and found in large quantities buried with the Pharaohs in their tombs. The Greeks, Celtics and Arabs learned from the Egyptians and passed it on with their culture. Two of the gifts brought to the Christ child by the Three Wise Men were essential oils. With the Dark Ages, much of this information was lost or forgotten. Only through the cosmetic and perfume industries did this valuable information begin to resurface.

In 1920, Dr Rene'-Maurice Gattefosse' was working in his lab and got seriously burned. He saw a large container fresh from the cooler and stuck his arm in thinking it was water. It was lavender oil instead and it stopped the pain quickly and healed the burn without a trace of a scar. This got the doctor very excited about the healing properties of these oils and rekindled research into this ancient healing art. He and his colleagues found a multitude of uses for the aromatic substances in many flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, bushes, roots, seeds, leaves, stems, and flowering petals. Other young medical doctors in France carried on this work. They used these oils in research on their patients and discovered that essential oils contained anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. The oils also appear to be strong oxygenators for the tissue and can be used to carry nutrients to the cells.

Oils are energy nutrients similar to homeopathic remedies. In homeopathy, a remedy is reduced in concentration to the point where the original substance is gone but the energy of the substance is still left. If you took homeopathic Arnica and had it analyzed, you would not find any molecules of that herb left in the remedy. It is the energy of that remedy that makes it work. It is the energy of essential oils and the chemical constituents that make them work This energy frequency can be measured in all living things. Young Living and Tainio Technology did some extensive research in this area. A normal body has a frequency range from 62 to 78 Hz and disease starts at 58 Hz. They found that as the body's frequency went down, the immune system got weaker. According to their research, cold symptoms appear at 58 Hz, flu symptoms at 57Hz, fungal infections at 55 Hz and cancer at 44 Hz. Process food has 0 Hz, fresh produce 15 Hz, dry herbs 12-22 Hz, fresh herbs 20-27 Hz. Essential oils range from 52-320 Hz. This high frequency makes it impossible for infections to remain in your body and may protect you from future disease processes.

Essential oils found in health food stores are not all the same purity. Good oils are expensive and made from pure oil. Cheap oils are usually synthetic and don't have the essential ingredients that are responsible for the real healing. If you have tried cheap oils in the past you may have been disappointed with them. Pure oils work where synthetic oils aren't worth the bottles they come in.

Dr. Young had that same problem. When he started working with oils he had a hard time getting consistent quality. He went around the world and studied the distilling techniques present and past. He started reproducing the ancient techniques and is now producing the purest oils in the world as verified by independent lab analysis. He started the Young Living Company to grow, distill, produce and market his oils and supplements. He has developed a lot of the equipment and procedures to aid his organic farming and distilling procedures. This has produced super plants with higher concentrations of healing properties than has ever been harvested before. His distilling procedures allow him to capture more of those essences than any other commercial operation as proven by gas chromatography analysis.

Now for you macho guys that think oils are for "girlie men" only, you should know that some of their products were developed in cooperation with martial arts expert Steve Segal. He has studied Oriental healing arts as well as martial arts for years. He has endorsed these products and used them without being a paid spokesman. He worked with Dr. Young to get products designed for his hectic lifestyle. So they have a line of products for athletes and active people as well as couch potatoes! I treat a lot of sick people every day and I believe these oils strengthen my immune system and protect me from getting sick myself. I recommend them highly.

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