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Heavy Metals and their Sources

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Aluminum: cookware, antacids, antiperspirants, aluminum cans, kitchen utensils, paints, dental composites.

Arsenic: poisons, pigments, dyes, wood preservative, insecticides, wine, wellwater, coal burning, seafood (shellfish), treated lumber

Barium: explosives, filler in paper, paints, and plastics, radiography (contrast studies), dental composites

Cadmium: water from galvanized pipes, evaporated milk, shellfish, cigarette smoke, sewage sludge, paint, pigments, air pollution

Chromium: dyes, pigments, air pollution, dental crowns

Copper: copper plumbing, sewage sludge, beer, swimming pools, copper cookware, inorganic mineral supplements, dental crowns

Gold: dental fillings, jewelry, injections for arthritis

Iron: dyes, inks, paints, pigments, poor inorganic mineral supplements in food

Lead: car exhaust, paint, plumbing, canned food, hair dyes, newsprint, tap water

Manganese: ceramics, antiseptics, dyes, medicines, steel products, air pollution, water supply.

Mercury: dental fillings, mercury vapor lamps, seafood, polluted water, skin lightening creams, sewage sludge

Nickel: cigarettes, dental crowns

Silver: dental fillings, jewelry

Tin: canned foods

Titanium: pigments in paints, preservatives in medications, tap/well water, dental crowns, implants

Zinc: poor inorganic supplements in food

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