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About 3 months ago my cat was shot in my neighborhood by a shot gun. The pellets entered his body and did the worst damage to his two front legs. The pellets shattered his right leg in 2 places and we were told they were going to have to amputate his leg. We opted out of that scenario and wanted to try to save his leg even though the Dr’s assured us his leg would not heal. I started giving my cat supplements that Dr. Reese recommended in his food everyday. After about three months of wearing a cast and taking the supps, we had him re x-rayed and to everyone’s amazement besides Dr. Reese, my cats leg was healed and back to its normal healthy state. The medical doctors cannot believe it and my cat is back to normal. Only thanks to Dr. Reese and his help would my cat be healthy and still have all his limbs!
Erin West (Broomfield, Co)  
On my 30th birthday in January 2010 my lower back disc out from overwork and I could not stand or walk, or even move some of my toes. My success story began with a diagnosis of a herniated disc and ended after I found a really good chiropractor. I was incapacitated by sharp intense sciatica spasms that lasted all day and life became an unbearable torture. Now after 6 months I am back at work to coach gymnastics, and I can climb, sail my boat, and run again. I never had experienced such pain before and now I am pain free and have my life back. Dr. Reese and his staff helped me recover in months by adjustments, acupuncture, and spinal decompression. Thank you Dr. Reese and your attentive staff for an affordable alternative to surgery that really worked for me!
Nick Yurk (Boulder, Co)  
Due to traditional medical doctors’ treatment for a period of 15-16 years with antibiotics for strep throat, my immune system was completely wiped out! As a result, I developed candida and became allergic to my whole environment, including everything I ate. I became totally non-functional and had absolutely no energy!

Thanks to Dr. Reese’s expert evaluations and treatments, I feel better and have more energy than I have in probably 20-25 years!
Doris Lord (Castle Rock, Co)
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your willingness to treat my daughter Camren even though we live so far away in New York. We had gone to numerous doctors and specialists only to be prescribed with cortisone every time (which I couldn’t bare to use on her). No one was willing to try to get to the root of the problem. She was very embarrassed about the appearance of it and I was quite concerned. It was not until my mother, Cindy suggested that Dr. Reese may have a treatment that we started to see results. The dietary restrictions at first seemed like a bit of a challenge, but even at 9 years old she understood the importance of getting rid of the rash, or whatever was causing it for that matter.

After only two weeks of following your instructions we began to see an improvement. After the month was over the rash was gone! It has been about two weeks since and there is still no sign of her rash. I am truly amazed and even more grateful to Dr. Reese! I truly appreciate Dr. Reese taking the time and caring enough to take a shot at her condition, site unseen. This made such a difference in her life! Thanks again!!
Summer DiFraia (New York)

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