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August 2011 Newsletter


August 2011 Newsletter

Every day we are all bombarded with ads and messages trying to push us one way or another in our behaviors and buying habits. Email used to be a nice way to quickly keep in touch with friends and family but now our email boxes are stuffed with junk mail and spam everyday no matter how hard we try to keep them out. Ads are now even showing up on Facebook and social media is the growth industry for all businesses to be seen on. Since “stretching the truth” in advertising is an accepted norm, we are inundated with lots of incorrect information hundreds of times a day. Outrageous claims are occasionally tracked down by the FCC and FTC who force those advertisers to stop their false advertising but government is slow in its actions and many people lose their money before they are stopped.

Even money-back guarantees aren’t what they used to be. Unscrupulous fake nutrition companies sell worthless bottles of pills and then shift their base of operations every few months so that no refunds can be processed. In the last 40 years of newspaper and magazine ads, Infomercials, TV ads, etc, touting the amazing cure-all product that will fix all your health problems, is there one product that has lived up to the hype? The answer is NO. There are no single nutrients or magic food cures. Whether it is the magic bread from the Hunza’s or the cure-all anti-aging properties of resveratrol, the body needs over a hundred macro and micro nutrients every day to keep it healthy. That’s why a good multi-vitamin and extra minerals are important to your health.

The Basics
Eating live whole food is important to our health as is consuming enough clean water and fresh air. A few pinches of sea salt and drinking at least half your body weight in ounces each day go a long way to give your body a chance to be healthy. When we are dealing with health issues like the immune system, weak thyroid and adrenals or hormone imbalances, there are some basics that must be addressed before someone can get well.

When you are anemic, your body can’t deliver enough oxygen to the various tissues of the body so it can’t heal. Your brain is an important tissue that needs an abundance of oxygen. Starved of oxygen, your brain has a negative effect on every system of the body. Many of your chronic digestive problems stem from weak nerve input from the brain. A lack of oxygen from anemia affects every organ and metabolic process in the body. It is also widely missed on blood tests. There are 12 different anemia patterns that we look for on your blood work if all the correct tests are ordered. Only one of these patterns is caused by an iron deficiency in the diet. An undiagnosed anemia will cause more problems than just fatigue.

Blood Sugar Imbalance
Whether you are hypoglycemic or insulin resistant will affect your ability to heal. Hypoglycemics tend to feel better after they eat. They get shaky, lightheaded, cranky, foggy-brained or wobbly if they don’t eat every few hours. Insulin resistant people tend to carry belly fat (waist measurement greater than hips) and tend to get sleepy after eating, esp. eating carbs. They many times will crave sugar or sweet foods after they have eaten a large meal. Food should have no effect on your body other than relieving your hunger. If food energizes you or makes you want to siesta, then you have a sugar handling problem that needs to be addressed. Hypoglycemics need to eat by the clock and insulin resistant people need to eat less carbs and smaller meals. Every time you experience one of the effects of a blood sugar imbalance you are creating damage to your brain and nervous system.

Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism
The majority of Americans do not get enough EFA’s in their diet. Our processed, dead, junk food diet is high in trans fats but not in EFA’s. We also tend to get more Omega 6 fats from vegetable oils then Omega 3 fats from fish and flax oils. There is no agreement as to the exact ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 but it should be in the area of 3:1 to 1:2. Abnormal fatty acid levels changes the way cells respond to hormones and affects brain function. According to Dr. Kharrazian in his Functional Endocrinology Course, “EFA metabolic disorders are triggered by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, insulin resistance, thyroid disorders, trans-fatty acid consumption, medications, additives, heavy metal toxicities, and many other common patterns.” (pg 89)

We need to consume good fish and fish oils in our daily diet. Some people do well with flax oils but others can’t make the conversion of the Omega 3 Alpha Linoleic Acid in flax to the more useable EPA and DHA. EFA’s are also good anti-inflammatory compounds. Good fish oils are not cheap and can spoil easily so be careful about the bargain brands in the big box stores. DHA has been show to help with ADD & ADHD.

Gut Infections and Food Intolerances
Systemic yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria and parasites will make you sick and keep you sick. Dr Crook’s book, “The Yeast Connection” opened the eyes of the medical world to the problems caused by the overuse of antibiotics. Parasites are in our water supply every spring from the run-off of the melting snow. Under-cooked chicken or under-cooked eggs as well as restaurant food in general can pass along various bacteria to our digestive system that can create ulcers if left untreated or acute food poisoning.
Undiagnosed food intolerances create the most insidious damage to our gut, brain and immune system. Gluten intolerance is not a fad but a growing problem do to the alterations of wheat in our food supply. Celiac Disease is only one of 5 different reactions a person with a gluten intolerance can have. There are 24 different aspects of gluten you can react to but, except for Cyrex Labs, only 1-3 components of gluten are checked for a reaction. You can also have a cross reactivity to other foods that need to be avoided that react like gluten. If you know you have an auto-immune disease, you would be wise to avoid gluten completely whether you are intolerant or not.

Environmental Toxins and Liver.
One of my favorite sayings is, “You can’t get well in a sick environment.” Many chronically ill people are dealing with environmental toxins or poisons at home and/or at work. I was environmentally poisoned back in the mid-80’s and it was not fun. Though Sick Building Syndrome had been documented since the mid 70’s, no one really knew what was wrong with me or how to treat me. If your liver is congested it can’t metabolize chemicals, poisons, hormones and other medications properly and that can impede your health. Cleaning your air with an air purifier and doing spring and fall cleanses can help clean up your air and detox your body and make you healthier.
If you think your air is bad call us and we can tell you how to collect air samples and then bring them in to be tested. We don’t sell air purifiers but you can get more info about them at www.myvollara.com/shellirock. We have several cleanse programs you can use that will help you detox your liver and clean your bowels.

Office Info
This email is being sent out early since I’m out of the office today and Monday morning (Aug 1st). Labor Day is on Sept 5th this year and we will be closed for that holiday. Hope you are having a great summer!