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Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s celebration!  This is the time for making resolutions, changing bad habits, wiping the slate clean and starting anew.  For many, that means getting serious about losing weight, exercising more and getting healthier.  All the unhealthy food of the holidays has been consumed and now, with full bellies, we can confront changing our eating habits and getting off the couch to exercise.  Or can we?

A New Year, A New You
Every year at this time, the gym fills with strangers who are fulfilling their new resolution to get in shape.  Every February, for the same dozen people who are in the gym all year long, things will get back to normal again because most of those gung-ho new people will have disappeared.   Maybe one or two will continue on and be a “regular” but most have lost their resolve and are gone.  I think it is because they try to be “over-achievers” in the gym and burn-out fast.

Under-Achieve to Success
Instead of vowing to workout 5 days a week for 2 hours a day, try doing 10 minutes a day 3 times a week.  If you are doing weights, start with a ridiculously light weight and do a set of 15-20 for each body part.  If you are doing cardio work, do 1-3 minutes of warm up, do 1-3 sets of a 30 second burst of speed followed by 90 seconds of going slower or resting completely. 
The key is to move your body a little bit in the beginning and just work on getting in the habit of doing that.  After a few weeks or a month, trying doing weights 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes and cardio 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes. 
Once you get the habit formed it is easier to continue or to expand your workouts.  Don’t be in a hurry!  You won’t get in shape over night and it is about creating healthy habits not trying to train for the Olympics.  You can over-train very easily in the beginning and that will cause injuries that will set you back or make you quit altogether.  Enjoy how good exercise can make you feel!

Cardio Myth
You don’t need to do an hour on the treadmill, bike or elliptical to get results.  In fact that type of exercise will make it harder to lose fat, increases your cortisol levels and decreases your growth hormone production.  Increased cortisol tends to but fat around your middle and tells your body to store more fat.  Short burst, high intensity training is the fastest way to get your body in shape.  You will achieve more toward your fitness goals in less time doing this type of training. 
Check out a recent article about this on Mercola.com: http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2012/01/06/dr-doug-mcguff-on-exercise.aspx?e_cid=20120106_FNL_art_1
They mention super-slow weightlifting at the end of the article and it is fine for a change of pace but I don’t recommend it for more than 4-6 weeks.  Your body really does better with fast movements not slow.

Weight loss
Most people put on 10-20 pounds over Christmas and want to lose it quick.  Low calorie diets will always make you lose weight, but it usually comes right back on.  The faster the weight comes off the faster it comes back on.  Most of the  weighloss
First cut out all the empty calories like soda, snacks, alcohol, cookies and candy.  Eat real food in its most natural form and avoid foods that have been processed, boxed or packaged.  If it can sit on a shelf for weeks on end and not spoil, it is probably a dead food and has no nutritional value.

Avoid foods you are allergic or sensitive to.  They will cause you to gain weight for no reason. The book The False Fat Diet, by Haas talked about this phenomenon of how “false fat” will accumulate around the middle when you are eating foods that ramp up your immune system and cause you to swell.  Gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, peanuts, coffee and sugar are common foods that people react to. Doing the Repair-Vite program or the Purification Program will help to clean up some of these sensitivities and make you less reactive to these common foods. 
Instead of focusing on weight-loss, focus on getting healthy and skinny will follow!

Vitamin D
Though it is beautiful and sunny out right now, most people are deficient in Vitamin D this time of year.  Remember that there is NO vitamin D in sunshine.  This is a common confusion.  The ultraviolet light in the sun’s rays hitting the skin and reacting with cholesterol in the skin create vitamin D. 

With the angle of the sun being further south, the intensity of the UV rays are less so its effect on vitamin production is less.  Since it is colder outside, less skin is being exposed to those weaker rays and so you make less vitamin D even when you are outside.  Most foods are low in vitamin D so you need to take between 2000-10,000 IU’s of D a day to keep from being deficient.
Vitamin D also helps strengthen your immune system to fight off those winter colds and flu.  It also helps dampen an over-active immune system in autoimmune diseases that attack your body.  Lastly, it helps protect your body from 30 different types of cancer.  All pretty good reasons to spend $10 every 2-3 months to be sure you are getting enough vitamin D.

Office News
Just a reminder for anyone who took advantage of the December blood sale on DirectLabs.com, send us your lab results and we will give you our take on what the results show.