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Dr. Craig Reese, DC, PC

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving this year! We are always thankful for our patients and for the people that allow us to help their friends and families! You are the reason we brave the snow and cold to be here when you need us.

Season of Eating
From Thanksgiving through New Years, this is the “season of eating”. This is also the time when I remind you to take some anti-parasitic herbs on those days you are eating in restaurants, at parties and at potluck dinners. Paradex, Wormwood Complex, GI Synergy, Parastonil, Jug/Art, etc can all help fight the parasites you may be contracting from food you didn’t make yourself. Once you have the parasites your immune system will be weaker which makes you more susceptible to the colds and flu already circulating at this time of year. The holidays are more enjoyable if you aren’t sick so take some precautions so you can stay well this year.

Not all the Same
By now you know that vitamin D is great for your immune system, protects you from 30different types of cancer and is deficient in our diets. Today, with the nice snow blowing around outside, no one is getting their vitamin D from the sun on their skin. During the winter, I recommend 5000 IU’s of vitamin D or more every day to keep your levels up. Your blood levels of vitamin D3 (25-Hydroxycalciferol: not 1,25 Dihydroxy {D2}) should be between 60-80 for maximum protection even though normal range can go as low as 32. There are studies that show there is a difference in how your body handles the natural D3 supplements and the synthetic prescription D2. See: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/11/30/taking-the-right-type-of-vitamin-d.aspx?e_cid=20111130_DNL_art_1

Speaking of blood tests, I just found this special at www.directlabs.com:
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I recommend you take advantage of this and then email me the results after you get them. I will review them and give you my take on what I see. Healthy functional ranges for your blood work are different than the pathological lab ranges. We try to fix imbalances before they become a disease! I will email you back a free report on your specific lab results and what you can do to improve it. Vitamin D is not included in this panel but can be added by going into the test menu on www.directlabs.com.

H Pylori
This is the bacteria that will cause an ulcer if left untreated. It can come from under-cooked chicken or eggs. This is another infection that is common during the holidays. Sometimes it feels like food poisoning and sometimes it feels like a stomach or bowel flu. Many times patients describe the sensation as having to run to the bathroom right after they eat. Many people just treat the symptoms with Tums or over-the-counter Prilosec. The longer this infection is left untreated, the higher the risk for cancer to develop. We have several natural supplements that can help with this condition. The most accurate way to test for this is with the H-Pylori Urea Breath test and not the blood antibody test. If the breath test is positive, you still have the infection. The blood antibodies can stay positive for up to a year after the infection is gone. Stool antigen tests are also good but a bit more expensive. The breath test is $99 from Professional Co-op Labs and we have the forms needed to order that test.

Office News
We will be closed for the holidays on Dec 26th& 30th. I will also be out of the office for a few days on Dec 8th, 9thand 12thwhile I receive treatment for my incurable “Beach Deficiency Disease” in the Dominican Republic. It’s a tough job going to the Caribbean in December but someone has to do it! Hopefully those days will look just like today so that I won’t miss any of those sunny Colorado winter days like we had last year at this time.

Spectrient is back! For all of you who loved the multi-vitamin Spectrient and were sad to see it discontinued, it is now back in our office. We aren’t sure where the confusion started but according to the company, Spectrient has never been out of production even though we were told about 18 months ago that it was. Regardless, we do have it and also Spectrum 2C (a totally veggie multi) in stock or can get it if we run out.

Happy Holidays!