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September 2011 Newsletter


Functional endocrinology
The hot news recently is that some chiropractor was treating endocrine problems in his clinic and possibly hiding the fact he was a chiropractor.  Many of you already know that I have successfully treated your thyroid problems, hot flashes, infertility, prostate problems, adrenal and pituitary problems in the past.  I have been treating endocrine problems for nearly 30 years.  Most endocrine problems are a nutritional problem and not a drug deficiency problem.  Some of the top holistically oriented medical doctors use mostly nutrition to fix these problems as well.  They use the same nutritional products that I and every other chiropractor, naturopath or nutritionist has access to.  The top selling thyroid book in the country is written by a chiropractor.  In the past many of the books written on balancing hormones naturally or dealing with adrenal stress were written by chiropractors.  So it is a very common practice for nutritionally oriented chiropractors to deal with hormonal problems successfully and not one worthy of a news story.

While he may be a very smart clinician, (don’t know him personally) he appeared to make some very bad business decisions.  I understand his wanting to downplay the fact that he is a chiropractor because it is confusing to people.  I have had more than a few people tell me they must have been referred to the wrong office because they had a thyroid problem or a systemic yeast problem, etc., they didn’t have a back problem.  After some explaining about how we work to help the body heal by using nutrition and diet, 99% of them stayed to get treatment and were happy with the results.  I would never hide the fact that I am a chiropractor just to make it easier to get patients with endocrine problems to see me.  But I have a referral practice and I don’t do the heavy TV ads and media blitz that they were doing.  They had to sell people on their program and position themselves as experts in a very short time.  With “CHIROPRACTOR” on their door they might have had to do more educating and may have signed up fewer patients, but I think it would have been a better way to conduct business.  It just looks sleazy even if you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Business Consultants
Many successful doctors, lawyers, mechanics, carpet cleaners, etc. go on to create a consulting or coaching business.  If you have ever read any of Dan Kennedy’s marketing books or heard him lecture, he tells all his clients that they are not _____________ (doctors, mechanics, carpet cleaners…) but their real job is being the marketer of ____________(doctor’s clinic, car repair shop, carpet cleaning business, etc).  He encourages all of his clients to work on getting the marketing of their business down and then move on to teaching others in your field how to duplicate what they did.  Every profession and business in this country has multiple groups trying to sell them practice management or business management programs just like the one this doctor was selling.  A common theme is promoting to the owner or professional that they have the answer to how to make more money and get more time off; two emotional hot buttons for many in business.

Most of these consultants are smart enough to keep their videos off U-Tube or the internet so that other people don’t see them.  But don’t think that consulting meetings aren’t going on in hotel conference rooms across the country every weekend and for every business or profession imaginable.  If you were a fly on the wall of these meetings you may not like some of what you hear about how to “increase deal flow”, “close buyers” or “farming for prospects” that is being taught to your dentist, plumber, realtor, attorney, window cleaner, etc.  “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door” is certainly not true in today’s world of business.  You have to learn how to effectively overcome all the other marketing noise going on 24/7 to your prospective mousetrap buyers, be able to prove it is a better mousetrap and tell them how to find your door in a cost-effective way.  These are not things taught in professional schools or innately known by the restaurant owner or mechanic opening his own shop.  The truth is that many talented people get out of their chosen field because they couldn’t do what it takes to survive as a business.  Lastly, the more successful a business is, the bigger target it becomes for all types of lawsuits.  Bragging about your business’ great income on the internet is a pretty dumb thing to do!

Alternative Health
Treating your body naturally without the use of drugs and surgery is part of the alternative health model.  But ignoring health problems and refusing to take care of yourself is not natural health.   If you have high blood pressure or high blood sugar, there are diet and exercise programs that can help reduce those conditions.  Many times I see people who “hate doctors and taking drugs” so they just ignore their problems.  They aren’t monitoring their blood pressure or their daily blood sugars which can be deadly in the long run.  If someone has been diagnosed with a weak thyroid but they just ignore it and never recheck it because they were told they need to take drugs for the rest of their life.  Sure they are tired and gaining weight but they just use caffeine to get by and blame it on stress. There are alternatives to synthetic drugs and maybe it is an undiagnosed autoimmune disease being aggravated by a gluten intolerance.  Thyroid hormones affect every cell in your body and a gluten intolerance will lead to attacks on other tissues besides the thyroid.  All of this can be controlled with diet and nutrition.
Others have a family history of heart disease but they haven’t checked for artery plaque or monitored their blood pressure or cholesterol levels in years.  For a majority of heart patients, their first symptom of having a heart problem is death!   Untreated inflammation or autoimmune attacks on your body will help plaque your arteries even with a normal cholesterol level.   Again, 50% of the people who have a heart attack have normal cholesterol levels.  Weak thyroid and blood sugar problems like hypoglycemia or insulin resistance will raise your cholesterol levels and increase the inflammation in your body. 

All of the above examples have natural solutions but you have to keep re-testing to make sure those solutions are working.  The first blood, urine or saliva test will help diagnose the problem but it is the 2nd, 3rdand 4thtests that determine if treatment is working and your condition is being reversed.  If you have an elevated PSA and you skip any medical treatment and buy the latest prostate miracle supplement advertised on TV, that’s fine as long as you retest that PSA in a month or two.  If it is getting lower than keep doing what you are doing.  If it is going up, you need to change your program or seek help from someone more knowledgeable.  The beauty of today’s healthcare system in America is choice.  You can buy whatever blood test you want without a doctor’s order on www.directlabs.comand at cheaper rates than most doctors charge.  I have always helped people interpret whatever tests they have and give them my opinion as to their options.

Lastly, sometimes drugs are necessary and are the only avenue left that will successfully treat your condition.  But using drugs to just cover up symptoms, like aspirin for a chronic headache or Prilosec for a chronic digestive problem, is really not getting to the cause of the problem.  That is what natural or alternative health care seeks to find is the cause of your problem and then assist the body to heal itself.  Ignoring a problem only makes it bigger and harder to treat in the long run.  We are here to help you figure out what is wrong with you, help you interpret your tests and find a path to get you quickly back to health.

Office News
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