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April 2012 Newsletter

April Showers

Come on rain!  My lawn is crispy brown except for all the new weeds growing up.  Grass seems to be the only thing that doesn’t grow in my yard!

Special Gifts from Nature
It is spring and every spring we get a fresh load of parasites in our water supply.  It’s not that the water company is being negligent; it is the amount of water flowing down from the mountains that overload the system and makes it tougher to clean the water.  Increased turbidity of the water due to all the particulate matter suspended in it, including parasites, dirt, etc. 
I have found that the “pitcher-type” filters do not work at getting out the parasites so I recommend a faucet filter, refrigerator filter, multi-stage filter or a reverse osmosis system on your drinking water supply.  If you go with bottled water, make sure it says on the bottle that they did something to the water to clean it up.  Parasites will pull your immune system down and cause you to get sick with a cold or the flu.  Parasites left untreated long enough will allow the normal yeast in your body to over-grow and cause a systemic yeast infection.  So until summer arrives, filter your water or use a filtered bottled water to drink and cook with.

I Want your Blood!
Well, I really want your blood work results.  You can give your blood to the friendly vampires at the lab then send me the results.  Every April, The 9 Health Fairs are held around the state.  It is a cheap place to get your blood tested and then send me the test results once you get them.  Did you know that parasites can show up in several places on your blood test but many times they are missed?  If they give you the option of testing your vitamin D levels and/or your thyroid levels (like TSH) do it.  It is good information to have.
With the new blood analysis software I have, I will evaluate your test and let you know what is going on with your body.  I will email you back our evaluation of what your blood shows and what to do about it so be sure we have your correct email address.
I have observed several people whose blood work showed a problem progressively getting worse over the years but still being told nothing was wrong.  That is until they developed a full blown disease.  There is a way to stop the progression of these problems with the correct diet and nutrition before they become a medical problem needing a drug or surgical intervention.

Ahhhh Chooo!!!
Oh the joys of spring allergies!  If you are starting to develop allergy symptoms, we can help.  Getting your immune system stronger, treating any systemic infections, sorting out any food allergies that are making you worse and using natural anti-histamine-like supplements can make you feel a lot better. 

Adrenal weakness and a lack of hydrochloric acid (HCL) can also make you more susceptible to allergies.  The low HCL also shows up on your blood tests and is easy to support with a nutritional supplement.

Herniated Discs
Many of you know that my wonderful (and expensive) DRX 9000 broke down a year ago last January.  I miss it as much as many of you since I originally got it to heal my own herniated discs in my low back.  Recently, my youngest daughter hurt her low back in gymnastics. 
Her x-rays looked perfect but we did an MRI on the suggestion of Dr. Yochum.  He has a way of looking at an MRI to see if there is a pending fracture about to happen.  See the info below from OrthoInfo:

The most common cause of low back pain in adolescent athletes that can be seen on X-ray is a stress fracture in one of the bones (vertebrae) that make up the spinal column. Technically, this condition is called spondylolysis (spon-dee-low-lye-sis). It usually affects the fifth lumbar vertebra in the lower back and, much less commonly, the fourth lumbar vertebra.  If the stress fracture weakens the bone so much that it is unable to maintain its proper position, the vertebra can start to shift out of place. This condition is called spondylolisthesis (spon-dee-low-lis-thee-sis). (http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=a00053)

Fortunately, she was not developing that but she did have, to everyone’s surprise, a herniated disc at L5.  This is why I tell people that an x-ray can miss a lot of things when it comes to back or neck pain that an MRI will show.
Anyway, I was fortunate to be able to get her on to a DRX 9000 at Baseline Chiropractic in Lafayette.  Dr. Jason Leach has been doing a great job of treating her and I recommend his decompression services highly.  If you have a herniated disc or think you might, call his office at 303-604-2600 to schedule an evaluation for non-surgical spinal decompression.

Office News
I will be gone Friday May 4thfor a seminar in LA.  I have don’t have any travel plans for April at this time.
Have a great April and keep doing those rain dances…we need it!