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March 2012 Newsletter

Who is This Stranger?

Is there an unrecognizable person staring back at you in the mirror? Is your body slowly changing for the worse regardless of your diet or exercise regimen?   The TV is telling you that your life will be restored with hormone replacement therapy for both men and women.  The “Low T” ads are prevalent lately and female hormone replacement has been promoted since the late 50’s.

Male Menopause

Andropause is the medical term for changes a man goes through as he ages.  The noticeable physical changes are a feminization of the male body:

Low testosterone has also been connected to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and prostate cancer. 
Personality changes with andropause are:

The 70 year old Stud

Most have seen the ad with the 70 year old doctor who looks like his head was photo-shopped onto the body of a 20 year old.  This was done with injections of Human Growth Hormone, testosterone and maybe some estrogen blockers.  Real HGH is very expensive so it isn’t used as much as testosterone creams and injections.  
The problem with testosterone is that after a few months, the body starts to increase its production of aromatase, the enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen.  After a few months on the hormone, its beneficial effects start to disappear and so more is usually prescribed when really it should be stopped since it is just raising the estrogen levels.

The more fat cells someone has, the more aromatase they produce, the more estrogen they make.  Giving testosterone to overweight men will really increase their aromatase enzymes and turn that testosterone into estrogen.  To counter this, some clinics are also giving men estrogen-blocking medication like Tamoxifen (used with breast cancer).

Inflammation in the body increases when body fat increase.  It increases when testosterone decreases.  It increases with Insulin Resistance (Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X).   Insulin Resistance is seen in blood tests by the rise in glucose over 99, increased cholesterol, triglycerides, Hemoglobin A1C, uric acid, LDL and decreased HDL. 

Systemic inflammation in a person is easily tested by measuring the C-Reactive Protein levels in their blood.  A simple test you can do at home to see if you are suffering from systemic inflammation is to squat down and stand back up.  If it hurts to squat, you have systemic inflammation (or you worked your legs too hard in the gym the day before).
Inflammation increases with chronic infections like systemic yeast, parasites or H-Pylori (gut bacteria).  A WBC count below 5.0 is a chronic infection and above 8.0 is an acute infection.

Inflammation is also increased by eating foods you are allergic to.  Gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts, corn, alcohol, etc can all raise the inflammation in your body and your brain.  This affects your hormone production and the amount of free hormones in your blood.

Test Your Levels
Before doing any hormone therapy you need to have your hormones tested.  This gives you a baseline to start from and determines if you have a hormone deficiency or not.  Just because you have the symptoms, doesn’t mean that is really the cause.  The endocrine system is a highly complex, interactive system that can be thrown out of balance by changing one hormone level.

Hormones are found in the blood in two forms: bound and free.  If you use blood tests you must specify the “free” forms be tested.  Saliva tests only measure the “free” form of the hormone so they work great and can be cheaper.  When you are using bio-identical hormone creams, troche or sublingual drops or pills, you must monitor the body’s hormone levels every few months.  It is easy to get over-dosed with the creams which will over-power the hormone receptors and your body will resist the hormone you are trying to use.  You can’t base it on symptoms; you have to test the levels.

There are natural solutions to Andropause, just like there is to Menopause, that we can help you with.  We can order any blood test or saliva test you need or help you to get it ordered.  There is no reason to suffer with early aging signs and symptoms!

Mercola Video
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