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January 2013 Newsletter

Dr. Reese’s Bits and Pieces Newsletter
January 2013

Happy New Year and thank goodness the holidays are over!  It’s a fun time of year but too stressful for many.  Now we have a whole new year to look forward to.  Many people got sick over the holidays and are still fighting a respiratory infection.  Supplements like Phytogen, Congaplex, Melia and Paradex may help to clear up those infections.  The biggest reason people get sick this time of year is our vitamin D levels are dropping due to a lack of sunlight on our skin.

Sunshine Vitamin Misnomer
There is NO vitamin D in sunlight.  The ultraviolet rays of the sun have to penetrate your skin and combine with that “evil” compound known as cholesterol to produce vitamin D in your body.  Even if you were brave enough (crazy enough?) to lie out in the sun in your bathing suit, the angle of the sun in the winter allows less ultraviolet rays to hit your body and you still wouldn’t produce much vitamin D.

So we either all head to the Southern Hemisphere for the winter (yes please!)or we take supplemental vitamin D.  I recommend 8000-10,000 during the winter for most adults and maybe half that for kids.  It really is best to have your blood levels tested to be sure you are taking enough.  I see hundreds of blood panels a year and I’ve only seen one person with vitamin D levels on the high side.  Most of us are low in D.  The lab we work with charges less than $30 to test your vitamin D levels.

Cheap Cancer Insurance
A proper Vitamin D level protects you from 30 different types of cancer and dampens any autoimmune attack on your body.  People who have an autoimmune disease, like me, have a hard time keeping their vitamin D levels up in the 60-100 range in their blood.  The last time I came back from Mexico all golden brown from the sun, my vitamin D tested in the low 40’s.  Actually, the darker your skin is, the longer you have to be in the sun to make vitamin D compared to a pasty white person.  But people with an autoimmune problem have a genetic variation in their vitamin D receptors and have difficulty making vitamin D.  Usually, the liquid form of D works better for them.  I take 20,000 IU’s a day in both liquid and capsules to try and get my levels over 60 in my blood.
Is 2,000,000 IU/day of Vitamin D Toxic?
Taken in excess, vitamin D can become toxic. But it is not commonplace to consume the massive doses required to do so.
Ask Gary Null, alternative medicine guru and entrepreneur. He took his own supplement, Ultimate Power Meal, for a month and became extremely ill; one batch of Power Meal apparently contained 1,000 times more vitamin D than it should. That is, it contained 2,000,000 IU of vitamin D3 per serving instead of 2,000 IU per serving. Mr. Null became sicker and sicker as he gulped it down.  After suing his own supplier for permanent physical damage, Mr. Null then reported it took 3 months to get the extra vitamin D out of his system and that he is now alive and well.  (http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/?o=3611)

You should read the whole article referenced above because it talks about how medicine suppressed the benefits of vitamin D for decades until late 1999 when some brave researchers started to question the dogma of the dangers of D.  I was taught in school that any dose of vitamin D over 1000 IU’s a day was DEADLY!  It’s really the opposite; low doses of vitamin D a day is deadly and there are hundreds of research papers to prove it.
Vitamin F
Dr. Royal Lee had an antidote for too much sun exposure in Cataplex F.  It is really an essentially fatty acid pill but it balances the excess vitamin D that a person could get from too much sun.  He’s theory was that the vitamin D got the calcium into the blood but that the vitamin F or EFA’s got the calcium from the blood into the tissues.  We all know we need EFA’s like fish oil or flax oil to be healthy.  EFA’s also help to dampen autoimmune attacks on the body when taken with vitamin D and are natural anti-inflammatory compounds.  This is why both vitamin D and EFA’s have been shown to help joint, muscle and bone pain. I can test you to see how much vitamin D and which EFA’s work best for you.

Office News
I have been doing a monthly newsletter for a long time but a few years ago we switched to an email only format.  We got lazy and thought that the email format was just as good and a heck of a lot cheaper.  Today, with the barrage of emails that we all get and aggressive spam filters, only 1/3 of our newsletters are getting through and about 10% of our emails are actually being opened.  Also, we find people being opted out of our list even when they didn’t want to be.  I figured that out when my personal email showed up on the opt-out list.  So with the January 2013 Newsletter, we are going back to mailing our newsletter so that hopefully it will reach you.

Our Present to You
As I said in the December Newsletter, 2013 marks my 30th anniversary as a Chiropractor and 23 of those years have been here in Boulder.  As my Anniversary present to all of you, I’m giving you a 30% off coupon for one office visit that expires on January 31, 2013.  Only one coupon use per person so if you already redeemed the coupon you got in the December email, this coupon is not for you.  Also this is a gift for our current patients and not for new patient visits.  Please bring this coupon with you on your visit.

30% Off
Good for adjustments, acupuncture, graphs and nutrition testing done on that day.  It does not apply to supplements or supplies and has no cash value.
Expires on January 31, 2013