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April 2013 Newsletter

Dr. Reese’s Bits and Pieces Newsletter
April 2013

Here we are already pushing into April.  Happy Spring Break to CU and Boulder Valley schools!  Thankfully, this March has been much wetter than last year’s drought of zero precipitation.  We still need more rain/snow to get up to average.  We are at 80.02% of the March 26th average and 68.79% of the April 15th average according to http://snowpack.water-data.com/uppercolorado/index.php website.

It is the spring runoff that puts the parasites into our water supply every year from March to June.  The pitcher-type filters don’t usually remove them from our tap water but the faucet, refrigerator or under the sink filters do.  You can also switch to bottled water that has been filtered for drinking in the spring.
For those of you in other states or countries, your tap water can be affected seasonally or have parasites year-round like Florida and others.  No one in their right mind drinks tap water in Southern California!

If you start developing digestive problems, gas, bloating, stomach pains, etc., get in and I can check to make sure you didn’t pick up any parasites from the water or restaurant food.  I still recommend 1-2 packs of GI Synergy a day when you travel to help avoid food-borne bacteria, parasites, mold or yeast infections.
Last month, my daughter Alexis qualified for the State finals in gymnastics and this will be her last meet in April.  She graduates high school this May and Amber graduates from CSU with her degree in Finance and Real Estate.  I am very proud of both of them but boy they do grow up fast!

Health Fair Time
April is usually the time for health fairs in the Denver area.  I used to recommend getting your blood drawn there because it was such a good deal.  Over the years, they seem to test fewer things to help keep the price down.  If you go, be sure to get all the tests available like thyroid (TSH) and your vitamin D levels.   You can send the results to me and I will evaluate them for you.  I may recommend further tests if they missed something but the lab we use is incredibly inexpensive compared to most.   Our Blood Nutrition Software has direct access to Principal Labs to order most of the tests you might need. 
To clear up a question someone had, we do not make any money or commission on the blood tests we order for you.  You pay the lab directly but we have to set it up and print you the requisition form.  They send us the results via our software so they don’t have the mailing expense most labs do.    They also deal only in prepaid services so they were able to negotiate a great fee schedule from Lab Corp, just like 9 Health Fair did with Quest Labs.  All of this costs a fraction of what a normal lab charges even with insurance.  I pour over the results and send you a written report of my findings and recommendations at no additional cost to you.

Normal Blood Work Evaluation
Ever had this experience?  You get blood work done and your doctor looks over the page or two of results in about 30 seconds and says, "Looks fine".  Yet there you are feeling bad and now you really have no clue as to why.  Now you think it must all be in your head or they blame it on stress or a virus.  You look at your blood work sheets and see a few levels flagged high or low and ask "What about those?" You’re told not to worry, not a problem yet.  “We'll watch them for now.”  This may or may not be the best tactic for your health but this is certainly the time when you need a second opinion.  Someone who will take the time to go over your test results, evaluate them and look for patterns that may be causing your health problems and stop it from becoming a serious disease.  That’s what we can help you with.

Now, in fairness to most of the doctors out there, they are looking for major imbalances because they deal with disease and not health.  We really have Sick Care in this country not Health Care.  With the new laws going into effect soon, your docs are going to have even less time to really look for and treat health problems and will only be looking for the major illnesses that need immediate intervention.   For your own safety, ALWAYS get a copy of the results from any test you have run on you for your own files.  You would be amazed at the things that get missed on tests because someone failed to look at the results or forgot to tell you there was a problem.

Drugs in the News
The US FDA is investigating a potential link between a commonly used class of diabetes drugs known as DPP-4 inhibitors and pre-cancerous changes to the pancreas. Additionally, previous studies have also indicated a connection of thyroid, colon, melanoma, and prostate cancer
FDA is adding a new heart-risk warning to the label of Zithromax (Z-Pak), a commonly used antibiotic used to treat bronchitis, pneumonia and other serious infections that can trigger lethal heart arrhythmias
Research found that Zithromax increases your chances of dying from a cardiovascular event by 250 percent within the first five days of usage, compared to taking amoxicillin. Those who already have heart problems are at even greater risk of dying from the drug, which parallels Vioxx that had killed 60,000 people by the time it was removed from the market in 2004
All antibiotics, and especially the more potent ones like the Z-Pak, decimate your gut flora, which in turn leaves you with a sorely weakened immune system until the beneficial bacteria in your gut has time to repopulate. If you must use an antibiotic, make sure to reseed your gut with probiotics, either from fermented foods or a high-quality probiotic supplement.  
For the complete article go to:
Now sometimes antibiotics are needed but you are better off keeping your vitamin D levels in your blood higher than 60 and take your multi’s with minerals and vitamin C to help your immune system.  Diets low in carbs and trans fats, exercise and keeping your weight down helps reduce your chance for diabetes.  In past newsletters, I’ve talked about why skinny adults get diabetes due to an autoimmune attack on their pancreas.  Vitamin D, fish oils, turmeric and resveratrol all help to reduce the autoimmune attack on all your tissues.


Office News
No schedule changes for April but I will be at a seminar in Orlando May 1-5.  Hopefully, I can sneak off to play at Universal or Disney while I’m there but so far it’s not in the schedule.