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November 2013 Newsletter

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November 2013 Newsletter

The days are certainly getting shorter and Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday November 3 at 2 AM.  Most of us will be driving home from work in the dark after that.  Seasonal Affected Disorder and serious vitamin D deficiencies are the side-effects of losing our sun exposure.  Taking Pineal Concentrate and increasing your vitamin D helps but you still need to try and get some sun every day for your health.

Flu Monster
This is the time of year everyone over the age of 6 months is urged to get flu shots or risk dying:

The CDC has been telling the public for nearly a decade that there are more than 200,000 estimated hospitalizations and 36,000 estimated deaths from influenza in the U.S. every year.27

But are those figures accurate? Well, it all depends upon use of the word "estimate." The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported that, in 2004, there were about 37,000 Americans hospitalized for either influenza or another illness in addition to influenza, and patients over age 85 were twice as likely to die.28

Now, 37,000 influenza hospitalizations is five times less than the 200,000 hospitalization figure the CDC uses. That is because what CDC employees did to come up with their influenza hospitalization "estimate" was to count a lot of people hospitalized between 1979 and 2001 – not just with influenza but also with pneumonia, respiratory and circulatory illnesses – which they counted as probably associated with influenza.  And they got away with it. http://www.nvic.org/NVIC-Vaccine-News/October-2012/Influenza-Deaths--The-Hype-vs--The-Evidence.aspx

In 2005, a young PhD candidate at MIT published an article in the British Medical Journal and asked the question: "Are U.S. Flu Death Figures More PR Than Science?"32 He analyzed the U.S. Vital Statistics Mortality Data, which has been carefully recorded for more than a century by the National Center for Health Statistics. I recently looked at that Vital Statistics data, too, and created a chart of influenza and pneumonia deaths recorded between 1940 and 2010.  See table: http://mercola.fileburst.com/PDF/NVICCHART-InfluenzaPneumoniaDeaths1940-2010.pdf

Now there are 12 different flu vaccines on the market for this winter making the choice even tougher if you do want a shot.   In the past, eggs were used to grow the vaccine.  This year, 2 new flu shots are using different growth mediums or novel cell substrate.  One uses dog kidney cells and one with Army Worm cells (Flu Block) to make flu shots.  You need to read the insert for the shot you are going to receive and they can be found on NVIC.org.  You must educate yourself on what they are shooting into your body and your children.  Listen to this interview to get more info:


The Best Boost
The makers of flu shots are all trying to boost our immune system by raising the CD8 T-Cells.  Well research has shown that vitamin D also does the same thing without exposing you to dead viruses, bug parts and preservatives like mercury, MSG and formaldehyde.   We want your blood level of vitamin D to be in the 60-100 range but you need to test your blood and not just guess as to your vitamin D levels.  The lab we use charges less than $30 to measure your vitamin D.  If you haven’t had a blood test in the last 6-9 months, I would suggest you do the $109 test that measures 70 different markers including vitamin D and a urine analysis.

Patients ask me every year what I think of the flu shot.  My answer is always the same, “I’m not shooting that crap into my body.”  You need to make your own informed choice and hopefully some of the information above will help give you the other side of the story.  Keeping your immune system strong is the best way to avoid a serious illness.

Office News
I will be out of the office Nov 6, 7 & 8th for a seminar in Chicago.  I will also get a chance to see my younger brother who was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer.  He was the one who didn’t stop smoking after my Dad developed lung cancer 14 years ago.

Brittany will be here to help you with scheduling or sending you supplements if you need them.  We will also be closed for Thanksgiving on the 28th and 29th.  As I finish up my 30th year in practice, I am very thankful to you for allowing me to be a part of your health care team.  Hope everyone has a great holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!