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April 2014 Newsletter

The first day of spring has arrived and hopefully most of the snow along the Front Range is done.  The ski resorts can continue to pile it up for as long as they want it but I want more golfing weather down here!  April showers bring May flowers but it also brings the dreaded Tax Day on April 15th.
With all the confusion over The Affordable Care Act, on option that is still viable and tax deductible (at least for now) is setting up a Health Savings Account (HSA) with a high deductible health insurance plan.

The money you invest in the HSA gets deducted from your taxes (like a regular IRA) and you get to use the money for your day to day health care needs.  The money doesn’t have to be spent by any certain date and it accrues tax deferred or even tax-free.  When you reach retirement age, you can take the money out like an IRA and then you have to pay taxes on the withdrawal or you can use it solely for medical expenses and it comes out tax-free.

Rules - 2014 offers individuals and families additional opportunities to save for current and future health care with a Health Savings Account (HSA):



Contribution Limit

55+ Contribution











Once you meet the calendar-year deductible, health insurance pays the remaining covered expenses in accordance with the terms and conditions of your particular plan. Some plans pay 100% of covered expenses after the calendar-year deductible is met.   http://www.hsacenter.com/2014limits.html
This program covers almost everything that we do in the office including supplements used for a medical condition.  It also covers expenses for dental, vision, medical, accidents and even Long Term Care insurance premiums.   I’m not a tax or insurance expert (nor do I play one on TV) so be sure to get more info from your accountant or health insurance rep. 
You can also read IRS Publication 969 at www.IRS.gov  or check out: www.hsaforamerica.com.  I’ve had one for years and it has saved me lots of money when I’ve needed to use it.

Nosocomial Nightmare
Nosocomial describes a disease or infection that originates or occurs in a hospital.  According to RID (the committee to Reduce Infection Deaths), infections caught in hospitals are the 4th leading cause of death in the US.  The over 100,000 deaths a year is more than from AID’s, breast cancer and auto accidents combined according to the info on their website: www.hospitalinfections.org

Hospital infections add $30.5 billion to the cost of healthcare each year yet they now know that almost all hospital infections are completely avoidable based on pilot projects done in a few US hospitals, according to RID.
“Hospital infection is a far deadlier problem than the number of uninsured.  The Institute of Medicine estimates that as many as 18,000 people a year die prematurely because they don’t have health insurance.  That’s tragic.  But five times as many people die each year from hospital infections, and most of them are insured.”  http://www.hospitalinfection.org/ridbooklet.pdf
The booklet cited above has 15 steps you can take to help protect you from getting a serious infection during your next hospital stay.  My job is to try and keep you out of the hospital but most of us will need to go there at some point in our life.  It is good to be informed as to how to protect yourself.