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August 2014 Newsletter

I know about April showers and May flowers but why all this rain in July?  As long as this flooding thing doesn’t become an annual event I’m fine with a bit of rain.  It certainly is not helping my golf game…and it needs all the help it can get!

When you get this I will be golfing in Pinehurst, NC with my best friend, college roommate and fellow quack…I mean chiropractor, Dr. Ed Steel from Charlotte.  According to the weather report, it is going to be rainy there all weekend as well.  At least I’ll have a plausible excuse for my triple digit scores!

Is it just me or is the summer flying past at warp speed?  I can’t believe I’m writing the August newsletter with the thermometer in the 50’s and the rain pouring down outside.  A popular goal for many each summer is to lose weight and get in shape for bathing suit season.  I guess that’s why there is always a bumper crop of new diet and exercise books every year in the late spring.  The old joke is; if you want to be a millionaire in this country, just write a diet book.

A common question I get is, “Have you read the _______ diet book?”  Truthfully, I gave up trying to read all that junk a few years ago.  There’s no shortage of theories about losing weight or getting in shape and most of them create short term results at best and no results or gaining weight at the worst.  Just like most of my fellow gym rats that show up every morning to dutifully exercise, yet look exactly the same year after year.  Many are up to the task of working up a sweat but few are willing to avoid the foods that are bad for them.

Larry Scott, the first Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia said that 80% of bodybuilding (or just getting in shape) is nutrition.  It’s not the amount of weight you lift or the miles you but in but what you put in your mouth.  Dr. Richard Schulze preaches that most ailments suffered by American’s are “diseases of the fork”.  But what is considered GOOD nutrition?

The adage, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” has been around since 1576 according to the American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms.  It still holds true today and is the basis of why most diet books have limited workability.  If you want to try the high grain, low fat diet and are gluten intolerant, you won’t be losing any weight.  Maybe you are into the high fat, low carb diet but all that cheese is keeping your belly fat due to your dairy intolerance. 

We have all been taught that whole grains and Greek yogurt are two of the healthiest foods you can eat…unless you are gluten and dairy intolerant.  So we switch to soy and corn as alternatives to wheat and dairy.  These are the two most common GMO foods at the store today and not something I would recommend consuming.  Also, unfermented soy is difficult to digest and blocks the uptake of many important nutrients.  (See www.westonaprice.org for more info) What a dilemma!  Now what do I eat?

Eat the way Grandma and great grandma would eat.  Fresh veggies out of their garden or from local farmers not ones flown in from Argentina that were picked when they were unripe and shipped thousands of miles.  Clean meats and fish that weren’t raised in a feed stall or a fish farm and fed food coloring diet to make their flesh the right color in the grocery case.  Eat organic fruits and veggies that have fewer chemicals in them that your body certainly doesn’t need.  Eat real food, not packaged, dead food.  If a product can sit on your shelf for a month and not spoil…it’s dead!  Only live food spoils.

Our grains have been altered so much that there is no such thing as native wheat in this country any more.  Gluten intolerance is not a fad, like some people like to think.  Our severely altered food, fresh from the farm, is something the human body has never seen before and is mounting an attack against these foreign proteins and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).  It’s no wonder we are getting sicker as a nation every day!

I have found that if you remove the offending foods from your diet, regardless of your calorie intake, you will start to lose weight and feel better.  Many patients report feeling more energy and can think better.  The biggest surprise to most is how their body stops hurting.  Old joint pains, headaches and muscle aches start to disappear when they avoid the foods their body reacts to.  Those symptoms also come back with a vengeance when they cheat on their diet!  Feeling those symptoms return acts as a great reinforcement for swearing off those foods for good.  I can help you figure out which foods you should be avoiding to help you feel your best and make losing weight a lot easier!

Office News

We are going to be closed Monday September 1st for Labor Day.  Our Miss Brittany has moved on to greater opportunities and Maryanne, whom many of you have met during Brittany’s vacation, is at the front desk.  We wish Brittany the best in her future endeavors!