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December 2014 Newsletter

The holidays can be a very hectic time and taking care of yourself is not always high on your list.  That’s why getting the flu or a serious cold is not uncommon around the holidays.

Vitamin D
With the shorter days and longer nights plus the colder weather, you are getting less sun on your body every day.  Since there is very little vitamin D in your diet, you are becoming deficient every day.  That means your immune system getting weaker every day. 

You should be taking at least 5000IU’s up to 10,000 IU’s of a good vitamin D daily during the winter months.  By good, I mean one that is actually being utilized by your body.  I personally can only use oil based liquid vitamin D and not the dry capsule form to change my blood levels of vitamin D.

It is best to have your vitamin D tested twice a year to be sure you have adequate levels to protect you from both illness and many different types of cancer.  It is a cheap investment in your health to spend that $30 every 6 months.  Even better is to get a larger blood test for less than $200 twice a year to make sure you are staying healthy and not developing any serious health problems.

Once our Arctic cold snap hit last week, we quickly remembered how dry everything gets in the winter.  Dry skin, sinuses, throats, etc., all are symptoms of dehydration.  Drinking more water and taking minerals is the first line of defense against winter dryness.

I’m not a fan of humidifiers or steamers in the house or on the furnace because they mostly use tap water.  The same water you shouldn’t be drinking, you are now breathing.  Portable steamers and humidifiers should only be used with distilled water and cleaned once a week with white vinegar.  You can also put your favorite essential oil in there to give it a nice smell. 

Humidifiers attached to your furnace are improved by adding a whole house filter on the water coming into your house.  It will help clean up the moisture that is put into the air and make it less likely to put mold or bacteria in the house air.

Dry skin is a sign of a dry body inside and possibly a lack of essential fatty acids.  Fish, flax or other omega oils will help fight dry skin from the inside.  Coconut oil on the skin is a great beauty aid and hydrator.  That is until your dog licks it all off of you!

A tip that I learned from Dr. Mercola for reducing dry skin in the winter, is to only use soap on your pits, groin and feet if possible.   This will stop the soap from stripping off the natural oils of the skin on your arms, legs, chest and back which is very drying.  If your job is having your arms in grease up to your elbows or working in a mine somewhere, this advice will not work for you.  When I was a Giant Tire Serviceman in high school and college, I was dirty from head to toe both summer and winter!

Every year the big scare about the deadly Flu Bug is promoted far and wide even though the flu shot has a lot of downsides and very little, if any, upside benefits.  The choice is totally yours on whether to get a shot each fall but I’m not putting that junk in my body.  Vitamin D, at levels over 60 in my blood, is my annual flu shot.

With the season of eating, parties and restaurant food, your exposure to parasites and food borne bacteria go up exponentially.  That’s why I take a GI Synergy pack every day that I have any food that I or my family didn’t prepare.  If you are a Sushi lover or are traveling out of the country, I would take two that day.  Getting parasites from holiday food is very common and it lowers your immune system which makes you more susceptible to any virus already floating around our environment.

Since there is no such thing as a normal cold, the minute you start to feel sick, start taking echinacea, zinc, goldenseal, vitamin D, Phytogen, Congaplex, Paradex, Melia, etc to help fight off the infection before it gets a good hold on you.

Office News
Just a reminder, the office will be closed November 27, 28, Dec 24, 25, 31 and Jan 1 for the holidays.  There may be some other days thrown in there that I will be gone but the office should still be open if you need anything.