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April 2015 Newsletter

Daylight Savings Time has already arrived and spring is official on Friday the 20th.  This past week has felt like spring arrived a bit early!  With all the snow melting, the run-off from the mountains tends to put parasites in our water every spring.  I find the pitcher-type filters don’t work well at removing the parasites but the faucet and refrigerator type are find.  Reverse osmosis does a great job or removing nearly everything so be sure to take a pinch of sea salt with that water occasionally.

This is also a time for travel (no. I haven’t left yet) over spring break for lots of families and college kids.  I’m taking my GI Synergy packs when I head to Roatan next Friday and will take 2 per day while I’m out of the country.  If you are staying in the country and don’t eat sushi, you can take 1 per day on your trip.  If you are sticking around here, use 1 per day on the days you eat restaurant food to protect you from food-borne bacteria, parasites and mold.  That dose of extra protein can ruin a fun day!

A few days after my last newsletter, I got to watch a movie called Bought that echoed a lot of the sentiments of that letter.  It might still be free on line so do a search if you want to see a well done movie.  I believe people have also posted it on Facebook.

Six Choices That Can Make or Break Your Heart
According to new research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, young women who follow six lifestyle guidelines can all but "heart attack-proof" themselves.

The study, which followed nurses over the course of two decades, starting around age 37, identified the six lifestyle factors of greatest impact on heart health.

Women who adhered to all six guidelines lowered their heart disease risk by 92 percent. Based on that, researchers estimated that more than 70 percent of heart attacks could be prevented by implementing the following:

1. Healthy diet

2. Normal BMI (body fat % is actually more accurate)

3. Getting at least 2.5 hours of exercise each week

4. Watching television seven or fewer hours per week

5. Not smoking

6. Limiting alcohol intake to one drink or less per day

Low vitamin D levels also increase your risk of heart attacks by 50%.  Another good reason to get some sun on your body!  A healthy diet means lots of organic veggies, meats and some fruit.  Body fat for men can be 6-17 and women 14-24%.  I am not a fan of BMI because it doesn’t take into account muscle weight verses fat weight.  All bodybuilders and most professional athletes tend to run high on the BMI scale due to an excess of muscle.
Since your heart is very electrical, it is important to have minerals and sea salt in your body to help it pump properly.  It’s always the balance of water and minerals that keeps us hydrated.

Office News
I will be gone the last full week of March and Jasmine, my assistant, will be gone Monday and Tuesday 3/23 & 24.  She will be here the rest of the week to help you with whatever you need.

Starting April 1st, I will be raising my fees for the first time in 9 years.  The minimum charge for any office visit will be $55.  If we do a graph on you, the visit is $65.  Any adjustment or graph packages that you have or buy before April 1ST will still be at the old rate.  You buy 7 adjustments you get the 8th one free for $350.  The graph package is also 8 for the price of 7 at $420 through March 31st.  The packages don’t expire and they can be shared by your family members or whomever you desire.
Happy Spring!