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June 2016 Newsletter

I love how green everything is but I still don’t love the rainy weekends that created all that lushness.  As things start to bloom and grow at warp speed, many people start to suffer from allergies.  I’ve been successfully treating allergy, asthma, sinus and lung problems for decades.  I look for chronic mold and yeast infections, weak adrenals, lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and chemical poisoning.  These are all things that can be helped with diet and supplements usually without resorting to drugs.

Finally Catching Up
I recently received an email from a medical doctor who writes a newsletter that I monitor.  He was telling his readers about a new study that correlated fungal infections to allergies and chronic respiratory problems.  This is a topic I wrote about back in the early 90’s.  It’s nice to see they are catching up…

A very interesting study came out recently. One that confirmed something I have been writing about for years. Namely, the pivotal role that fungal infections play in triggering asthma and allergies. And how treating them might be your best shot at relief. 

This new study showed that treating patients who have severe asthma and chronic sinusitis with antifungal therapy can relieve symptoms significantly. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel pretty vindicated by its findings. 

Out of 134 patients in this study -- all referred to a Houston allergy clinic for uncontrolled asthma -- more than 83 percent tested positive for fungal infections. Obviously, that's an overwhelmingly high proportion... but it's not at all shocking to me. 

In my clinical experience, anyone who suffers from allergic symptoms like asthma and chronic sinusitis most likely has a fungal infection. (It's just one big red flag among many symptoms -- too numerous to list in full here.) 

Researchers treated these patients with three popular anti-fungal medications -- voriconazole, terbinafine, or fluconazole, either singularly or in combination. And treatment was aggressive. Roughly two-thirds of the subjects needed more than one three-month course of anti-fungal treatment to see improvements -- a reality to which many of my patients and I can attest…. 

I see so many patients who have unwittingly suffered from chronic yeast infections for a very long time. To make matters worse, many of them have been on the receiving end of multiple rounds of antibiotics. This only compounds the infection, making the fungus more widespread, more stubborn, and harder to treat using non-conventional approaches. Fred Pescatore, MD drfred@logicalhealthalternatives.com RHC #913

Missing Link
There are several reasons why they have to work so hard to clear up these infections even with strong drugs and we can do it in 3-12 weeks without them.

  1. Diet- They rarely put the patient on a Yeast Diet or modify the diet at all.  This makes it harder to clear up the infection and takes lots of liver-damaging drugs to do it.  Anytime you have sinus or lung congestion, you need to stop eating gluten and dairy.  This goes for colds, flus, allergies, asthma, etc.  Stop eating any food you know you have a sensitivity to or intolerance of. 

  2. Environmental component- There are lots of moldy houses out there that are keeping people sick.  Yes, even in dry Colorado there are lots of moldy houses.  In the last few years since the big floods in September, people who thought they got all the water damage out are getting sick many months later.  It’s because they really didn’t get rid of all the mold and it grew back with a vengeance!  If you think your house or office might have bad air, you can bring me in an air sample on your next visit and I can test you.  Leave a clean glass jar open next to your bed, on your desk, (anywhere you spend a lot of time) put the lid on tight and bring it in with you.

  3. Co-Infections-Parasites are the biggest secondary infection that makes it hard to get rid of a fungal infection.  Where do you get parasites?  Restaurant food is the number one place to get them and our tap water every spring.  The parasitic infection will make it hard to fully get rid of fungal infection and cause the normal yeast in your body to over-grow.  Unfortunately, most MD’s think that parasites are a Third World problem and don’t exist in this country so they aren’t looking.  Also, there are no truly accurate parasite tests out there that can identify all parasites that you could have even if they did test.

These are all things I can test you for and help resolve without drugs.  You can look up the drugs listed above on Drugs.com or RXlist.com to see their side-effects and precautions.

Office News

Sarah will be taking a well-deserved break from the office the week on May 23rd.  Hard to believe she has been here over a year already!  I will be out of the office Friday the 27 through Memorial Day.  The office will be open again on Tuesday May 31st.  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!