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February 2017 Newsletter

Well the holidays are over and the diets begin!  2 months to Spring Break and 4 months to summer.  Got to have that beach body, right?

For years, I’ve warned against low calorie diets and fast weight loss because it usually causes fast weight gain.  Also, lots of aerobic exercise is not good for most people since it tends to make you store fat and it’s hard on the body.
Here’s a new idea for this year’s weight-loss program…eat more and exercise less.

Metabolic Dysfunction
All those times you did low calorie diets or need to cut weight for a sporting event, you were down regulating your metabolism.  It was creating a low metabolism that made it impossible to keep the weight off for 95% of the people.  Most gain back their weight and more.  The Biggest Losers show is a prime example.  Most of the contestants gain back all their weight and more eating less food then they did before the show.  The real “Losers” are the producers and coaches on that show who starve and torture people for entertainment.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to run obese people is truly an idiot!  The burn more calories than you eat is also wrong thinking that came right out of the 1950’s.

Not a Furnace
Calories are a heat measurement: the amount of heat required at a pressure of one atmosphere to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius.  Pretty exciting, eh?  Well, we aren’t just a furnace we are a metabolic organism that has hormones and muscles and all kinds of variables that determine our set-point for our weight.  When our hormones are off due to eating poor quality food or prolonged low calorie diets, we clog up our metabolism and we gain weight.  Jonathon Bailor in his book, The Calorie Myth, calls this a hormonal clog.

Kitchen Sink
Think of your body like a sink.  Pour a little water (calories) in the sink and a little water pours down the drain.  Pour a lot of water in and a lot of water flows down the drain.  This is how your metabolism is supposed to work.  Eat a food one day your body burns it up.  Eat less for a day and it burns less. Everything works great until you let a little grease and hair clog up the drain and then things don’t work as smoothly.  Pour a lot of water in and the sink overflows and the water drains out slowly if at all.  Eating poor quality food that’s high in sugar and starch and you create this hormonal clog.  Do the HCG diet and eat 500 calories a day for months and you create a great big clog that puts all the weight back even when you eat less.  When you starve the body, the metabolism goes down to try and keep you from starving to death.  It also stores more fat and burns muscle to keep you alive.  Sound like anybody you know?  It’s time to work on healing your body for the long term and stop going for the quick fix.

Metabolic Repair
So, to repair this mess you are going to have to eat lots of food.  But high quality food made from natural whole foods that contain protein and fats.  Half your plate should be non-starchy veggies, (no grains) up to 10 servings a day.  Most of the rest of the plate consists of 30-55 grams of high quality protein three times a day.  The tiny remainder of the plate is for good fats and low fructose fruits like berries.  The more weight you want to lose, the more fat you eat and the less fruit.  For more detail and food lists you can buy the book or go to www.sanesolution.com.

Exercise Less
Skip the aerobics and long slow jogs for hours on end.  Not only does it wear out your joints, it makes you store more fat.  Bailor recommends weightlifting and interval training for only 20 minutes per week to get your metabolism back on track and dissolve that hormonal plug.  Only workout for 10 minutes with weights and interval train for ten minutes 1 time a week.  He recommends weight train on Monday and interval train on Thursday.  The remainder of the 5 days are rest days.  How’s that for a time saver?!

Accentuate Eccentric
The weight training is working on the eccentric movement which is the muscle lengthening under a load.  Squatting down is the eccentric part and standing up is the concentric part.  Doing a pull-up is concentric and slowly lower your body until your arms are fully extended is eccentric.  The exercises to be done in the gym (or home) are: eccentric leg presses (squats); eccentric chest press (push-ups); eccentric pull ups (pull ups); and eccentric shoulder presses (shoulder press).  One set of 6 reps for each exercise after you’ve warmed up the muscles.  The rep should take 10 seconds to complete in the eccentric phase.  The book has detailed instruction on all the exercises.  Interval training is on a bike or elliptical machine where you warm up for 2-3 minutes and then go hard for 30 seconds so that you are panting, then slow for 2 minutes and repeat 3-4 times.  Between the eccentric weightlifting and the sprinting on the bike, you will be plenty sore and will enjoy your days off from the gym. Eat more, do less, weigh less!