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January 2018 Newsletter

 Welcome to a new year filled with promise and a chance to create a new you!  Being healthy is really about your daily habits.  It’s the things we do on a daily basis that make us healthy or sick.  We do not stay the same even though it might seem that way.  We are either getting better or getting worse.  You get to choose which way you are going.  It’s also not about perfection.  Eating a healthy diet 80% of the time will still help you improve.  Exercising 3-4 times a week is plenty for most of us who aren’t competing athletes.  Over-exercising is just as damaging to our bodies and health as is no exercise.  No one gets to their 60’s and wishes they would have worn out their body with more exercise!  Be nice to your joints but work your muscles.

Muscle Spasms
Muscle cramps or spasms are a common complaint for some people.  If your muscles cramp at rest, it usually means you have a mineral deficiency.  If your muscles cramp with activity, it usually means you have an oxygen problem.  Taking your minerals, especially magnesium will help plus you need your B-vitamins for good circulation.  Sore joints can be helped by the above plus EFA’s like Omega 3 from fish oil or flax.  If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape (I know…round is a shape), start slow and under-achieve on your exercise to get started.  Every year, the gym is packed in January but by Valentine’s Day, it’s back to the same handful of regulars who are there all year long.  Being consistent is the real goal.  Make exercise a habit not a sprint to some unattainable goal.

Tight Muscles
The other problem new exercisers run into is a tight muscle.  You can roll and stretch that muscle all you want but it’s not the real problem.  It is the weak opposing muscle that is the real problem.  A muscle unopposed will go into spasm.  If you’ve got a tight hamstring, work the quad muscles and the hamstring will get better.  Tight joints are caused by weak muscles.  Lots of stretching will not fix weak muscle but strengthening will.  Also, when you fully contract a muscle like your biceps, you are stretching the opposing triceps at the same time.  Neurologically, the contracting muscle sends a signal to the opposing muscle to relax.  This is why a lot of static stretching is pretty ineffective at increasing your flexibility.  Kurz’s book, Stretching Scientifically, is a good reference for how all this works.

Improper stretching can also make joints hypermobile.  This means the joint is too loose due to stretched ligaments.  When I competed in Judo in college, I developed chronic pain in my right SI joint in my pelvis.  It plagued me for years until I got into Chiropractic school.  There, one of my professors put me on manganese and had me stop stretching.  In a few months the pain was gone and it’s still gone.  I also had the bad habit of “popping” my hip several times a day to “help” the pain.  In reality, I was just making it worse.  I was making that joint looser not stronger.  Many of my fellow students also had bad habits of trying to adjust their own necks, backs, etc., daily or they were being adjusted by fellow students and clinicians too much.  You can be over-adjusted!  We had to get them to refrain from getting adjusted for weeks on end and use manganese to help repair their over-manipulated joints until they recovered.  I see dancers, gymnasts and other athletes have the same problem.  If you are chronically adjusting any joint in your body, you are not making it better.  In the long run, if you were fixing the problem, you would only need to “adjust” yourself every month or two.  That’s why on my back exercise sheet there is only one stretch and the rest are strengthening exercises.

Christmas Pets
If you have a new puppy or kitty in your house for Christmas, start the year off right by feeding them a diet they are genetically designed to eat.  Cooked food and grains are not the normal diet for cats and dogs.  It will make them sick.  It is amazing how many pets now suffer the same ailments as their owners.  Cancer, diabetes, blindness, hip and back problems all stem from the diet.  When I was a kid, no dog in the neighborhood ever had any of these problems. 

Most commercial pet food is cooked and has grains which will eventually kill your pet.  In the wild, dogs and cats eat raw food, freshly killed and mostly organs.  This is where all the nutrition is found and not in the meat.  Native tribes near the Arctic Circle never eat fruits and veggies because none are available.  The get their vitamin C from eating the adrenal glands of the caribou and other animals they killed.  Ancient tribes around the world gave the organs to the kings and warriors and saved the meat for the old and women.  We throw away the organs and eat the meat.  Feed your pets organ meats from grass fed animals and they will be thankful!

Google Pottinger’s Cats for the story of how a scientist in the 1940’s had to stop his experiments on adrenal hormones because all of his cats in the study were getting sick.  He needed to figure out why, so he switched to experimenting with their diets.  He found the raw food diet cats were healthy and had healthy offspring.  The cooked food diet cats were getting sicker and their offspring just got worse.  By the third generation, cooked food cats could no longer procreate and were sick and deformed.  He also found that if he took the offspring of cooked food cats and switched them to a raw diet, they got healthier and their offspring got healthier each generation. 

We are the second and third generation of a people eating an unnatural diet due to food processing and chemical farming. Eat your food from organic source in a form found in nature and not out of a box, can or container.  Any food (like cereal) that can sit on your shelf open for weeks or months and not spoil, is a dead food.  Real food spoils in a few days.  Make part of your healthy 2018 lifestyle to eat more real food and less dead food most of the time.  Also, eat at least half your food raw.  You will notice a difference in your health in a few weeks.  This is the cheapest health insurance you can buy!

Make 2018 your best year ever!

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