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December 2018 Newsletter

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, we enter what I call the “season of eating”.  We have lots of dinners, potlucks, parties, etc., we attend that can expose us to parasites, food poisoning and other infections.  That is why many of us get sick this time of year plus we haven’t made any vitamin D from the sun for months.  This is why I recommend you take 1 GI Synergy pack on the days you have restaurant, party, potluck or prepared food to help prevent these infections.  It’s cheap health insurance at a buck a pack!

Bodily Functions
Though probably not polite conversation for the dinner table on Christmas Day, common reactions like runny nose, diarrhea, cough, fever and runny nose are your body’s way of getting rid of something it considers bad.  None of these conditions are fun but they are vital to removing poisons and infections from your body. 

The worst thing you can do is to try and stop or suppress these normal body reactions. 

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have had a strong bout of food poisoning, you’ve experienced your body purging from both ends at once.  This is your body screaming, “get this poison out of me!” Do you really think it’s a good idea to stop those reactions with medicines?  It just prolongs the toxic condition.  The biggest danger is becoming dehydrated from excessive vomiting and diarrhea.  Pinches of sea salt or homeopathic minerals that melt in your mouth plus warm Epsom salt baths and sucking on ice cubes can help rehydrate you when you can’t even keep water down. If not, then you will need IV’s to rehydrate you.  Essential oils like peppermint and fennel on your abdomen can help calm things down as well.

A cough and runny nose are also trying to get infections and/or poisons out of your body and should not be medicated unless it prevents you from sleeping.  You can’t get well if you can’t get sleep!  I’ve had to resort to sleeping in recliners and using Fisherman’s Friends Original Extra Strong cough drops to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

If the mucus coming out of your head is yellow or green you probably have a bacterial infection and goldenseal, Phytogen, berberine, etc., will help.  If it is clear and thin it can be from a virus or chemicals.  Echinacea, Congaplex, Osha, olive leaf all help with virus.  Minerals, amino acids, vitamin C, Allerplex, Aller-7 and AHF help with chemicals and help you to breathe easier.

Clear and thick or white and thick could be yeast, mold and/or fungus.  Mayo Clinics research determined that 98% of all sinus infections are fungal not bacterial.  I’ve found that they can be both fungal and bacteria at the same time.  Melia, SF722, berberine, Coptis, Golden Thread, Oregon grape, etc., will help this.

When you get sick, it is your body’s way of telling you that you are toxic.  Fever is telling you that have an infection and your body is raising the temperature to kill the invaders.  Every time you take an NSAID to reduce a fever, you just prolong the infection in your body.  As long as you stay hydrated, fevers rarely get dangerously high (over 105).  If you do have a fever over 101, you probably have a bacterial infection and take the things listed above several times a day or even hourly. Passive sweating in a hot bath, sauna or steam room is the best thing for you to help speed up the process of detoxing your body and killing infection.  There have also been studies showing that inducing a fever in cancer patients helps kill cancer cells.

Dry Season
In addition to it being the season of eating, it is also the season of dryness.  When it’s cold out, we tend not to drink as much water or we drink more hot caffeinated beverages which also help to dehydrate us.  We still need to consume half our body weight in ounces of water daily and use sea salt or Himalayan salt to help us get our trace minerals.  If you are waking up with dried blood in your nose, drink more water. 

I’m not a proponent of room steamers but if you do use them, it is best to put distilled water in them and clean them weekly with white vinegar, tea tree oil or Borax.  If you have a humidifier on your furnace, I suggest you put a whole house water filter before the humidifier so as to have the cleanest water possible being released into your air.  Colorado water tends to have chemicals and mold in it year-round plus parasites every spring.  You really don’t want to be breathing that in your air!

When you shower, unless you are working in the coal mines or are in grease up to your elbows, you really only need to use soap on your armpits, groin area and feet.  If you skip using soap on your arms and legs, you will find they aren’t as dry as normal.  Also, taking essential oils like Omega 3 and 6 help dry skin, joint pain, brain function and inflammation.  Eating good fats and using coconut oil on your body also helps with dry skin.

Office Info
Depending on when my daughter Alexis gets these mailed, you might already know that I am out of the office from Thanksgiving until December 3rd.  I will be in Argentina golfing and sampling the wines In Mendoza, Salta, Cafayate and Buenos Aires.  This trip was originally planned for late May but when Sarah announced she was moving back to Florida around that time, I thought I needed to be around for the transition.  Rebecca is doing a great job of figuring things out and will be around after Thanksgiving weekend to help you with whatever you need until I return.

She will be taking a previously scheduled vacation during the Christmas holiday so we will be closed Dec 24th-Jan 1st.  Maybe I can find a warm beach to hang out during that time…

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus and New Year’s to you!