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February 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the month of love, President’s Day weekend and the hallway point of winter.  A lot to squeeze into the year’s shortest month!  Hope your 2018 is going well and you are on target to make your goals and resolutions.

I started 2018 hanging out on the beach at SoLost Hotel Eco Boutique in Jiquelite, Nicaragua.  It is a gorgeous little place with 8 cabanas on a river within a minute walk to the beach.  If you are interested in this place check out www.http://solostinnica.com.  It is not the cheapest place to stay near the beach but probably one of the nicest and has a great organic menu.  The owners Gary and Dee are great as is the whole staff at SoLost.

For the surfers out there, you can stay in a surf hostel on the beach for about $10 a night.  Pretty rustic and more like a big dorm room but saves you money to buy more $1 Tona beers.

The beaches in the central Pacific coast are large and empty.  It has been compared to Southern California in the early 1950’s.  It is not on the main tourist path yet but there are several “Gringo” housing developments popping up along the coast, a new airport recently built and 5 more golf courses planned for the area.  Go visit now before it ends up like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta.

Most of the roads I drove on were pretty good except for the 33 KM of dirt and river beds on the way to the beach.  The tiny little Suzuki car made it just fine even through a 2-foot-deep flooded river crossing.  Thank goodness it was the dry season!  Also, no shortage of cows, horses, pigs, chickens, sheep and goats on this road to blend in with the motorcycles and ox carts.  All the Nico’s we met were very sweet and helpful.  Google maps was a life-saver!

Spent the final 3 days of the trip in Granada which sits on Lake Nicaragua.  It is the oldest city in the Americas founded in 1524.  Lots of old colonial architecture and cathedrals.  It is a lot noisier in the city than on the beach and no one stops at stop signs.  They roll them and honk to warn others.  Only saw 2 stop lights in the country and they were near the airport in Managua. 

Lots of historic sites to see but lots of tourist traps that cost more than they should.  With the average wage around $1-2 per hour, they thrive on the tourists spending.  Still, it was much cheaper than most big cities you visit.  I felt safe in the city and the country and would go back to visit the rest of the country when the schedule permits.  Also enjoyed the 75-85 degree daily temperature range and no rain to speak of.

Sadly, it is the places run by Americans and other ex-pats that charge the US prices for things while benefitting from a work force that makes pennies.  I also heard that when buying a house, avoid most of the American realtors and brokers because they over-charge the new Gringos looking to move to paradise.  The owner may want $15,000 but the realtor sells it for 2-10 times that amount and keeps the difference.  These rumors were not substantiated by me but just want the buyer to beware.  You can still get a lot more house there regardless of cost than you can in Boulder.

They don’t really have much of a Multiple Listing Service like in the States so it’s hard to get a handle on properties available.  It is best to ask the locals in the area you like what houses might be available and talk with the owner directly. 

Flu Epidemic
The news is full of the dire reports of high levels of flu reported and how poorly the latest flu shot has been working.  10% effective really means 0% effective since at least 10% of the population won’t get the flu due to their innate immunity regardless of getting the shot or not.

Now they are blaming the chicken eggs they use to grow the virus as causing a mutation.  Since this is the same method they have always used to make the flu shot, I guess that means they have never been effective.  Not surprising since there are over 200 virus that can cause the flu and they guess at which 4-6 viruses to put in the shot each year along with nasty chemicals and heavy metals.  I would never shoot that junk into my body.You need to decide for yourself.

To keep your immune system strong, take 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D in the winter.  Get your blood level of vitamin D tested and make sure it’s in the 60-100 range.  Get enough sleep, reduce your intake of sugar, eat real food, exercise and get some fresh air and sunshine daily.  I hear the advice to wash your hands constantly to keep you well but living a sterile lifestyle just makes you more susceptible to infection.  A diverse microbiome is healthy for your immune system and not something to be afraid of.  It is a weak immune system from bad food, stress and over-indulgence that is the real problem.

Office News
I will be at a seminar and Sarah will be out of town Feb 9-12 so the office will be closed. 

We will be open on President’s Day, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Washington’s birthday and the Chinese New Year this month in case you get any of those days off.