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October 2018 Newsletter

With fall comes less direct sunlight and less chance to make vitamin D from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.  Now would be a good time to up your daily dose of vitamin D to 10,000 IU’s per day for adults and 2000-5000 for children depending on their body size.  This is one of the best ways to protect yourself from colds and flus in the coming months.  Below is from Dr. Micozzi, MD in a recent newletter: (https://drmicozzi.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/09.2018-InsidersCures-web.pdf)

The deadly dangers of flu vaccinations
How to protect yourself from sickness—safely
The daily proclamations to get the “new and improved” flu vaccine are already starting. But beware! Over the last few years, the annual government flu vaccine has been a disaster. And a new study of more than 16 million people over age 65 speaks to this epic failure.

A whopping 80 percent of Medicare recipients in the study who received a flu vaccine last year still ended up getting the flu. And this research was conducted by the FDA, so you can be sure the scientists were looking to put a positive spin on any angle they could on things to promote the government’s relentless flu vaccine campaign.

In fact, the CDC reported that last year’s flu vaccines protected only 36 percent of Americans of all ages. Even worse, the CDC found the vaccines to be less effective against the specific flu strains that actually made people sick.  This means your chance of getting any protection from flu vaccines is literally worse than flipping a coin. And you’ll only find that you came up on the tail end after you become sick—and are potentially hospitalized—from the flu…

Why are flu vaccines so ineffective? The FDA study reported that most of the flu vaccines produced in recent years are grown in a chicken egg culture. But a slightly more effective vaccine was grown in an animal cell culture. Of course, “slightly more effective” is all relative. The FDA commissioner told a Congressional subcommittee in March that the animal cell-culture vaccine, called Flucelvax®, was 20 percent more effective than the eggculture vaccines. This means that only 75 percent of older adults who get a Flucelvax® shot will get the flu, compared to the 80 percent diagnosis rate I mentioned earlier. So looking at the big picture, it’s really not much of an improvement. In fact, I’m becoming convinced that the annual flu epidemic is getting worse because of these vaccines.

And a recent study backs me up. The vaccine increases spread of flu viruses In a recent Daily Dispatch (“Flu vaccines increase airborne flu transmission by more than 600 percent”), I reported on research from the University of Maryland with people who were vaccinated during the 2012-13 flu season. Shocking results showed that they were six times more likely to pass the virus through airborne exposure.3 (To revisit this article, simply visit www. DrMicozzi.com and type the title into the top right search bar.)

The researchers reported that when the study participants got the flu, a process called “aerosol shedding” sent little bits of the active, infectious virus into the air when they breathed. Amazingly, these people didn’t even have to sneeze or cough to blast the virus particles into the air. Just regular breathing released them. Which means you can indeed contract the flu by simply being next to someone who has the virus. (So maybe it’s not so crazy to wear face masks when out in public like they do in Asia.) And shockingly, it appears that current and/or prior vaccinations actually increase your contagious transmission rate if you catch the flu.

The researchers also suggested that vaccinations may promote lunginflammation, closure of airways in the lungs, and an increase in the amount of airborne flu particles— all factors which lead to increased aerosol shedding. It’s really a vicious circle, and the flu vaccine only appears to be making matters worse.

Help is not on the way
…Beginning this month, the CDC will start beating the drum again for you to rush out and get their latest vaccine. And you’ll see calls to get vaccinated everywhere: at your doctor’s office, the local drugstore, and possibly even your workplace. It’s pretty much unavoidable. But what you really should avoid is this vaccine. And be sure to take precautions around those who’ve been vaccinated because chances are, they’ll come down with the flu anyway. (And leading up to that, I’m sure many who’ve gotten the vaccine believe they’re no longer contagious… or even worse, will deny they’re coming down with something altogether).

My advice (Dr. Reese) is to take your 10k of vitamin D daily, your multi-vitamin, Omega oils and get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.  The minute you start to notice any symptoms of a cold or flu, start taking herbs like echinacea, goldenseal, berberine, neem, golden thread, Phytogen, Congaplex, Mucaplex, zinc lozenges, etc. and those symptoms can disappear within hours.  If you wait, you will be less likely to stop it quickly.

I personally will never get a flu, pneumonia, shingles, meningitis, tetanus, etc. shot but you have to do your own study and make up your mind as to what is best for you.  There is no such thing as a normal cold, so when you or your loved ones start getting symptoms, you have to start doing something immediately to help your body win the battle.  I find it best to have some Phytogen around for that reason.  Also, essential oils like Thieves and Purification can help.  I use these two oils, 3 SF722 and 3 Phytogen every time I fly to keep me well.