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Springtime in the Rockies has arrived and the snow is still flying interspersed with 60 degree weather. Soon it will be melting with the warmer weather and dumping all that melting snow into our water supplies. That is when the parasites show up in our drinking water every year. From the end of March into June our water can be contaminated with many types of parasites that the processing plants just can't get out. If you were the daring type who still likes to drink unfiltered tap water, I would suggest that you definitely refrain during the next few months. During this time, the pitcher-type filters don't seem to get all the parasites out and should not be used to purify your drinking water. Any of the carbon block filters that attach to your faucet usually work fine. You can find these at Target, Sam's Club, Costco, etc. Of course the more extensive filters like Reverse Osmosis or UV will work, too. If you use bottled water, make sure the bottle states it was purified or filtered in some way and not just spring water.

Writer's Block?

Some of you have been asking that question since it has been many months since my last newsletter. Actually, I've been researching different things that took awhile to sort out. Some things appear to work at first but later fall short of my expectations. Many times the body reacts positively to a change in diet, exercise or supplements but the effect goes away in a few weeks. This is the phenomenon that I believe helps fuel the initial success of a lot of the MLM products and Infomercial exercise equipment. After a few weeks or months most of us get bored with the exercise equipment (also known as a Yuppie clothes hanger!) or feel that taking any more of a certain product is just a waste of money. So, I need to test things for a while to be convinced that it had any merit.

The Wrinkle Cure

Back in July of 2001, I ran across a reference in one of my journals about a doctor named Nicholas Perricone, M.D. who was advocating diet as a way to improve your skin. He wrote a book called the Wrinkle Cure and it discussed the importance of diet and using vitamins and other nutrients on the skin to help get rid of wrinkles. He was a dermatologist who had developed some products using Alpha Lipoic acid, Vitamin C and other nutrients to make the skin look younger without surgery. Honestly, I have always thought that wrinkle creams and most beauty products were a useless waste of money. But, anything that says "nutrition" and "no surgery" has my immediate attention.

I found his website and ordered his book and a few of his products. After a few days (not weeks) I noticed a difference in my skin. I thought it might be my imagination but enough people made comments on my skin to convince me that the change was real. I had a few other people try it and I saw a difference in their skin, too. After 3 months I stopped using the products and found that my skin started changing back to its former condition. At first that was a disappointment but that is how health works. It is something that you have to work at everyday. It's the little things you do on a daily basis that makes you healthy or makes you sick. Wrinkling and aging are signs of nutritional deficiencies both internal and external caused by our environment and our lifestyle.
Dr. Perricone recommends a diet high in vegetables, fruits, protein and good fats. He is big on eating salmon, especially for breakfast. He also recommends vitamins, minerals antioxidants and EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) to aid the body's repair mechanisms. He encourages consuming lots of water to help hydrate the skin and is definitely down on sugar. Any of this sounds familiar? These are the things I tell everyone to do to get and stay healthy. Then, in addition to the dietary changes, he has his patients use the topical vitamins and antioxidants to repair damaged skin from too much sun or other transgressions. Usually this program will knock years off a person's face in a matter of days (shaving off my old gray beard helped a lot too!).

The one catch is that these products are not cheap though they do last a long time. The original products that I tested cost around $150 but they lasted for 3 months. You can find his products and more information at www.clinicalcreations.com. I've been told you can also find his products at Nordstrom Department store. If you are interested in more information, you can read the book or catch his program on PBS sometime.

The Rest of the Body

So now your face looks 10 years younger but you are still dragging around too much body from the neck down. Next newsletter I'm going to give you some tips on diet that date back to the Stone Age.


In the future we will be getting our website up and running (www.DrCraigReese.com) and will be posting our newsletters there. We are planning to send out the newsletter via email so that we can save on trees, postage and sore necks from labeling and sorting 2000 newsletters. This site won't be operational for awhile but we will need your email address to put in our database. So for now you can send your email address to health@drcraigreese.com to be stored for future use. We will still have copies available at the office for people who don't have a computer and who can't get to the library for free access to the Internet.

Dr. Reese will be out of the office for a seminar April 11-13 and May 3-4. The office will be open on those days if you need anything. Hope you enjoy this wild Spring Weather!

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