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August/September 2004 Newsletter

Many of you have asked me recently if I am still as excited about the Bio Cranial Therapy as I was in my last newsletter. The answer is a resounding YES! Personally, I am still reaping the benefits of a completely different spine. I feel like they took my nearly 50 year old spine and gave me a 20 year old one. I have stability and flexibility in my back and neck that has not been there in many years. My exercising has jumped to a higher intensity level and when I get up from typing this newsletter, my back will not be stiff like it used to be. And this is still from the treatments I received in May!

Patient response has taught me that the older you are the slower the response can be. Also, the more contracted your dura (covering of the spine) is, the more discomfort you may feel during and after the treatment. That gets easier with each treatment and using ice after the correction helps reduce soreness. Ninety five percent of the spine and extremity problems that I would normally adjust disappear with the BCT immediately. Probably all would disappear over time with several treatments but I like fast results so I go back and adjust those things that haven’t corrected just to speed up your healing. I still believe that this is the next wave of natural health care that will make a lot of what we do now obsolete in the decades to come. One thing I forgot in the last newsletter was to give you the web address (www.biocranial.com) for more information about Bio Cranial Therapy. They have a listing of all the doctors certified if you are looking for a doctor in another state who does BCT.

Laterality of Disease

Ever wonder why you always seem to have trouble on one side of your body? Your left knee, ankle and now your shoulder hurts even though you didn’t do anything to really injure them. Many times patients ask me the same question about why is one side of their body so messed up compared to the other and now I have a good answer. It is due to the type of cranial distortion that you have. Dr. Boyd, in his research using Bio Cranial Therapy, found that cranial distortions tend to be predominately on one side. The majority of people (70%) have more distortion on one side or the other and their symptoms generally follow that pattern. In addition to structural problems, Dr Boyd lists in his manual several health problems and which side of the cranium they relate to:

Left side cranial distortions: Angina, coronary disorders, hiatus hernia, gastritis, gastric ulcers, all-gone empty feeling after eating, colitis, simple anemia, pernicious anemia, hyperthyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, menopausal symptoms including flashing, diabetes mellitus, nervous collapse/breakdown, ongoing anxiety, palpitations, alcoholism.

Right side cranial distortions: Appendicitis, duodenal ulcer, constipation, ileo-caecal valve syndrome, nausea, gall bladder disease, travel sickness, hepatitis, abdominal bloating/distention associated with eating, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), migraine headaches accompanied by sickness/vomiting, depression of unknown origin (tentative).

So if you have a chronic heart problem don’t be surprised if you have other pains and problems on the left side of your body. You can look at the faces of people you see on TV or movies and notice which side of their face drops more, has a smaller eye, smaller nostril, etc. Not everyone fits this one-sided pattern but enough do to make it a pretty good predictor of problems people have or will develop. How do you fare when you look in the mirror or at pictures? Fix the distortion and that will change the pattern of your illness.

Predisposing vs Precipitating

The reason the problems listed above start to develop is due to the predisposing imbalances in the body. We can track from birth the distortions that will eventually do us in if they are not corrected. This is a horizontal view of your health where things are laid out sequentially and have a cumulative effect on each of us. It is the real reason why we get sick or injured. Precipitating is that final trigger that put us into symptom expression and seems to be the thing that makes us sick. The kids get sick and we blame school for passing around all the germs. The sick school building was really the precipitating cause that only worked due to the predisposing weakness they were already suffering from. This is why not all kids in a school get sick at the same time. Some have a healthier immune system and better diets than others and stay well despite breathing the same air each day as the sick ones. In the last newsletter I mentioned that my shoulder had been injured lifting weights and that BCT helped it. The weightlifting was really a precipitating injury and the real predisposing cause was my distorted cranium and the muscle and fascia changes that it created. Why was it my right shoulder? I was doing a bench press and both my shoulders were pushing the same amount of weight. Why did the right one suddenly give out and not the left or both? It was because I was predisposed to injury in that area.

Looking just at precipitating problems is a vertical view of health. Each incident appears to be independent to other problems. That shoulder was injured because of the weights and that is it. Your kids get sick every year because it is flu season, your neck is sore from sitting at the computer, you reached for the pencil you dropped and your back just went into spasm, your headaches are brought on by stress, your back is sore from weeding the garden, etc. All of these statements are only half-truths. They are the precipitating factors that caused these problems but they miss the true underlying (predisposing) cause. BCT addresses the underlying cause of these problems and makes you less susceptible to the effects of the precipitating incidents. As I said earlier, my back used to hurt after sitting in front of the computer producing my newsletter but now I’m not stiff like I used to be. I used to blame it on the chair but it was really the torque in my spine caused by the distortions in my skull that made me stiff. The treatments I received in May corrected that predisposing problem and my chair is no longer the precipitating cause of a stiff back. The stiffness after weeding my yard is also gone to my delight!

Medications are the best example of just treating the symptoms and never the underlying cause. You might object and say that antibiotics treat the real problem by killing the germ that made us sick. But is that germ the predisposing cause or the precipitating cause? Aren’t there millions of germs in our environment right this minute that could kill us if we didn’t have an immune system? Is it really this rogue bacterium that made us sick like the germ theory states? Or is it the break down in immunity from a compromised nervous system and bad dietary habits that make us susceptible in the first place. Do pills for high blood pressure really fix the problem or just suppress it for awhile? Even insulin, which has been very successful at prolonging the lives of diabetics, doesn’t fix the pancreas and get it to work again and it has some very damaging long term effects. We have been successfully programmed to treat only the symptoms and remove the pain. Pain relief and no symptoms are considered cures but that is not the definition of health. Health is all systems of the body functioning at optimal levels.

How Do You Sleep?

I am often asked which is the best position to sleep in. Dr. Boyd’s research has shown that it is really the dura that determines how your body lies when you sleep. You can lie on your back until you fall asleep but if it is not the least stressful position for the dura, your body will move to make it more comfortable. Forcing yourself to try and sleep in a “proper” sleep position is just going to drive you crazy. My sleeping habits have changed since my first treatments with BCT. The notion that you “slept wrong” is really untrue and goes back to the concept of precipitating verses predisposing. Unless you are sleeping on rocky ground you are not going to hurt yourself sleeping. You probably have already started the injury in the day or two prior to when the symptoms show up. Waking up in pain is not really from something you did during your sleep but it is the injury already there that finally pops up.

Office news

The buy 5 get the 6th one free package ended June 30th but we have some other packages that can save you money. Buy 6 BCT treatments-save 10%, buy 12-save 15% and buy 18-save 20%. These packages can be used anytime and never expire. For those being treated “as needed” a package of six may last you a year. This also makes it cheaper for families since they can buy a large amount and share the package.

We have a new face in the office starting toward the end of July. Her name is Deirdre Thomas and she will be working at the front desk with Emi. Annie will continue to help me out in the rooms so that we can treat you more efficiently than just me working alone. We are also in the process of looking for different office space. Though we like our office and our landlord is great, those steps into the building have become too much of a hindrance to some of our disabled patients. Since we have patients from all across Colorado as well as in the Boulder County area, I am looking for a space that is easily accessible to all directions and has a handicapped entrance. It will probably be closer to Foothills Parkway but nothing has been secured yet. I still have until the end of February on my current lease so if you know of anyone looking for office space in central Boulder, with nicely painted walls and fairly new carpet, have them call me to sublease this space. In early August I will be taking my kids back to see their relatives so I will be out of the office August 9th and 10th. Lastly, I will sneak in a small vacation for myself to Mexico right before Labor Day, so I will be out of the office September 2nd and 3rd. Of course the office will be closed on Monday September 6th for Labor Day and will be open normal hours on Tuesday September 7th. Have a great Holiday (even though it means the end of summer is here)!