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August/September 2005 Newsletter

Summer is heating up but Labor Day is already looming fast. I can’t believe August is upon us already. For those of you still looking for a sunscreen other than zinc oxide, Aubrey Organics has two pretty nice products. Titania Full Spectrum Sunblock SPF 25 and Green Tea Sunblock for Children SPF 25 are made from mostly organic substances and titanium dioxide. T. D. is also a sun block like zinc oxide and this product has PABA which is a natural sunscreen. Some people get a rash from PABA so it is not for everyone. You can find it on Mercola.com or from Aubrey Organics on line. I’m sure it is probably at Vitamin Cottage, Wild Oats or Whole Foods, too.

End of an Era

On June 28, my dear sweet Granny passed away at the young age of 103 and 7 months. She set quite a record for the rest of us to try and beat! She lived in Iowa her whole life and was raised in a small farming town until she moved to the “big city” of Des Moines in 1920 after graduating high school. I think part of her longevity was due to being raised on homegrown chemical free food as a kid and she continued to have gardens and fruit trees most of her life. I think her generation and the current crop of 70-80 year olds will be our last generation of centenarians. I believe that life expectancies will fall in the next few generations due to our penchant for consuming dead food and drink most of our lives. I know my grandmother wasn’t raised on Fruit Loops and Wonder Bread toast for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch and pizza for dinner. The only Cokes you could get were at the corner drug store and the use of hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup had not really begun yet. Sure she ate these foods later in life but always in moderation. She rarely drank and never smoked which I think also contributed to helping her live out her genetic potential of a long life. She was always very sweet to her grandchildren and she will be missed. I guess the good don’t always die young!


Dr. Ron Rosedale wrote about the Longevity Profile in his book The Rosedale Diet. Based on research done on animal studies where the calories were restricted by about 1/3 of normal, the animals lived 30-80% longer. That equates to about 160-220 in human years. These longest living animals all shared the following traits:

· Low fasting leptin levels
· Low fasting insulin levels
· Reduction in fasting glucose
· Lower body temperature
· Low percentage of body fat
· Reduced thyroid levels
· Low triglycerides

Dr. Rosedale writes, “I have come to believe that leptin resistance is at least related to, if not at the foundation of the majority of disorders related to aging, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, and even aging itself.”


I have written previously about leptins and insulin sensitivity but I want to drive home this information. Every person who I have tested that has high leptin level has a chronic weight problem. Leptins are hormones that signal your body to store fat and to stimulate your desire for food when the levels in your body are low. Once you store fat, the fat cells produce leptin and the higher level shuts off your body’s request for more fat and food. A high level of leptin during fasting means that parts of your brain’s appetite control center can’t hear the leptin signals and makes you want food and stores it as excess fat. The higher the fasting leptin level in your blood, the louder your body is screaming at your hypothalamus that it has plenty of fat but the less your hypothalamus is hearing. This is the cycle that will put fat on your abdomen and your organs like the liver which then interferes with its function and makes it insulin resistant.

Insulin Resistance

A similar problem occurs in the liver and muscles with regards to insulin and keeps requesting the pancreas to produce more insulin. Rosedale writes, “If your liver is insulin-resistant, it continues to make sugar out of protein, and if your muscles are insulin-resistant, they cannot burn that sugar either. However, until your fat tissue becomes insulin-resistant, it continues to ‘hear’ the high levels of insulin…take that sugar, make fat out of it, and then store it. This keeps you from becoming diabetic, at least in the short term.” Once the fat cells become resistant then that sugar stays in your blood, you now have high sugar levels and are diabetic as well as obese.

Blame it on the Carbs

When you eat a high carb diet, your metabolism shifts to a sugar burning metabolism and from that point on, you only store fat and burn sugar and protein for energy. This includes your muscles and the protein in your bones which leads to osteoporosis. Put a person like this on a calorie restricted diet and they lose weight but it is mostly muscle mass and bone but not fat. They actually lose weight and get fatter because their lean body mass (muscle and bone) went down but their fat pounds stayed the same. Eating a high fat, moderate protein and low non-fiber carb diet is how you get into fat burning metabolism. You avoid all grains, fruits, sugars, and starchy vegetables and eat healthy meat and high fiber vegetables. Rosedale is not big on bacon cheeseburgers like Atkins’ was. He would rather have you eat fish, lean meat and nuts for your protein. If you eat tons of protein and not much fat you will burn all that protein like it was a sugar and store the unused portion as fat around your belly. You have to eat fat to lose fat! This is a vital concept that has to be pounded into our heads because of all the low fat indoctrination we have received over the years. This same low fat message has made us fat! Rosedale prefers fats from nuts, avocados, olives, Omega 3 enriched eggs, fish and meat. I don’t agree with his low and no-fat cheese recommendations because I look at these as fake foods.

Missing Piece of the Puzzle

I believe Rosedale misses the boat by not addressing food allergies and sensitivities. Atkins mentions it in his book but the False Fat Diet by Haas gives the best explanations as to why eating foods you are allergic to will make you appear fat. Dairy, eggs, soy and glutens are the big offenders that can stop you from losing weight even on Rosedale’s diet. That is what caused my plateau of weight loss on the Atkins’ diet.

The “E” Word

Doing low intensity, long duration exercise will burn fat and should be used as an adjunct to any health building program. Start with walking 10-15 minutes twice a day at a comfortable pace and work up to 30 minutes of walking morning and night. Your pace should be slow enough to enable you to talk normally as you walk. If you have a weight problem you have a sugar handling problem, period. It would be wise to have your fasting insulin and leptins tested as well as your TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and Hemoglobin A1C. Actually, Rosedale has a list, on page 166 in his book, of blood tests that he recommends you have performed before starting on his program (click to view list). All of these tests can be done at the local labs in the area and many times are covered by most health insurance plans if you have insurance.