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Happy Holidays!

The holidays are upon us and the New Year is quickly approaching. It seems that Thanksgiving is mostly about eating more than anything else and the same with Christmas, stuffing ourselves as well as the Christmas turkey or goose. This is also the time of year were I repeat my warnings about getting parasites. During the next four to six weeks we will be exposed to foods cooked or handled by other people who may not have the best food handling or bathroom cleanliness habits. Every year I see a spike in parasite infections in my patients due to party food or Christmas goodies being consumed as part of the season ritual. Eat drink and be merry but take your parasite herbs before you go to bed. It is also a stressful time of year for many so your immune system may already be weak. Getting parasites from food will make you weaker and more likely to contract flu and cold viruses that are already in the environment. Since it is not fun being sick around the holidays, taking!
a little Jug/Art, Paradex or Wormwood Complex before bed is a smart precaution.


The holidays seem to create a higher level of stress for people trying to keep all the commitments to family and friends. What is supposed to be a time of celebration can become harried and tedious due to the expectations we create for ourselves and for others. For a well-rested and healthy person the impact of these stresses has little long-term impact. But for someone who is already fatigued it could be very damaging to their health. In their tape series, Focusing on Adrenal Burnout, Dr. Paul Eck and Dr. Larry Wilson discuss the 17 myths of Adrenal Burnout (originally published in the Healthview Newsletter).


Myth 1: Burnout is an overused, over-popularized term, which has no scientific validity.
Myth 2: Unless you are flat on your back with exhaustion, you are not in burnout.
Myth 3: Burnout is a psychological phenomenon. The person just can’t pull himself together.
Myth 4: Burnout is something suffered mainly by men.
Myth 5: Burnout primarily affects people in high-stress jobs or occupations.
Myth 6: Burnout occurs only in adults.
Myth 7: Burnout is caused by overwork or stress for many years.
Myth 8: Burnout is caused by a highly stressful or destructive lifestyle.
Myth 9: A burnout victim needs regular vigorous exercise to relax and invigorate themselves.
Myth 10: A great deal of extra rest and sleep will definitely help a person with burnout.
Myth 11: People in burnout can recover their energy by cleansing accumulated toxins from their system.
Myth 12: Most people eventually recover from burnout when they correct the mistakes that led them into burnout.
Myth 13: To find your way out of burnout, just reestablish close communications with those people who are important in your life.
Myth 14: To get out of burnout, you have to get back in touch with yourself.
Myth 15: You can recover from burnout in a matter of months if you take the right steps to get your life in order.
Myth 16: Burnout is not a serious medical disorder, unless the stress causes an ulcer or high blood pressure.
Myth 17: Burnout is a relatively new phenomenon caused by the stresses of modern living.

According to Dr.’s Eck and Wilson, burnout has 125 manifestations and is more prevalent in people than we realize. If you are feeling exhausted there is probably a good reason for it. Burnout is a collapse of the main energy producing systems of the body. It can take 1½-5 years to recover from total burnout. The above list is part of a six-page handout you can get from the office that will give you the facts about the myths listed above.

How High is High?

When you have been exhausted and you get some rest, you feel better and then in a few days you may feel like your “old self” again. Using that as a measure of how burned out you are is not very accurate. Most of us slowly slip into burnout and can’t recognize that our energies and abilities are waning. How good could you really feel? I have performed hair analysis on people that thought they were in pretty fair shape only to find that they were in extreme adrenal exhaustion. When they were put on the right nutrition program and implemented some of the necessary lifestyle changes they were amazed at how much better they felt. These were people who were already feeling “great” to start with. Their hair analysis showed improvement but they still could improve more. Again how high is high when it comes to energy and feeling good. Most of us have forgotten what that really feels like. I have found that energy treatments like acupuncture get us started in the right direction but to make permanent changes on a cellular level you have to nourish the body with the right balance of minerals and vitamins. Minerals are by far the least prevalent substances in modern food. Inorganic minerals in the soil must be absorbed into plants where they are transformed into organic forms that can be utilized by the body. You can chew on all the rock, oyster shells and coral reefs you want but your body really can’t absorb much of those minerals. Modern farming has stripped the 70-80 minerals from the soil and they only replace nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK). This causes us to be mineral deficient since plants and seawater are the only sources of complete minerals. Using hair analysis we can see what minerals you are deficient in, which one’s are in excess and the state of our adrenals, thyroid, pancreas, digestion, liver, kidneys, hormones and cardiovascular system. The test also shows the level of heavy metal toxicity in our body and with follow up tests every 3-4 months, we can monitor those metals being mobilized from the body. Hair analysis is the best way to monitor your complete recovery from burnout and to fine tune your nutrition program. It is reflective of what is happening at the cellular level in your body and not based on symptoms. At $70 each test, it is relatively inexpensive for the large amount of information that is available.

Holiday Hours

We were originally going to be closed the day after Thanksgiving but we decided to treat patients that day so that many of our out of state patients and anyone else can get in to see us since most will have that day off. Our holiday hours are:

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