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Holiday 2006 Newsletter

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends and ate everything that was bad for you that day! You need to splurge every now and then just not every day. Hope you also took time to give thanks for all your blessings that this past year has brought you. I feel particularly blessed this year even though I now have a teenage driver in the house! Hope you had a great year in 2006 and if not then I wish all your dreams to come true next year.

Attitude of Gratitude

As I’m writing this, the snow is falling and it is 20 degrees outside. I think we are very lucky living in a state as beautiful and climatically diverse as Colorado. Two years living in San Diego drove me crazy with 75 degrees and sunny every day. I love the fact that here in Colorado it can be 70 degrees one day and snow the next or 60 degrees in Boulder and snowing in the mountains, etc. But I don’t think I would view these climate changes in the same light without my warm house, all wheel drive vehicle and modern winter clothing. Being homeless or destitute in Colorado is not fun with this winter weather. This time of year is a good time to reflect on our blessings and all the things that are right about our lives and take a break from focusing on the negatives. It is time to get a "check-up from the neck up" as Mark Victor Hansen used to say.

The Secret

A few years ago there was a quaint little film that made a big impact on audiences around the country because of its powerful message. It was called "What the (bleep) Do We Know," and it talked about many different topics and beliefs. Recently, I found out about another film that is similar called "The Secret". You can view it or buy it online at http://thesecret.tv. It talks about how our thoughts create our future and that our present situation was created by our past thoughts. They apply this to creating wealth but they also apply the principles to creating health and better relationships. This movie is not trying to promote any specific dogma or religion but is just trying to raise people’s awareness that their thoughts are creating their present reality and that changing those thoughts can change their health, wealth and relationships. They discuss the Law of Attraction and the movie has lots of different people giving examples of how that simple law has significantly changed their life for the better. Poverty of the mind precedes poverty in life was part of the message of hope they are trying to spread. I think we can all use a reminder once in awhile that we can change ourselves and our world once we change our thoughts and our actions. Since this is a holiday newsletter, I thought I could be a bit more philosophical than usual but now it is time for a little clinical info…

Annual Parasite Warning

It just wouldn’t seem like the holidays without me warning you about the increased rate of parasitic infections during this time of the year (sounds appetizing doesn’t it?). The reason is that we tend to eat more food that was prepared by someone who doesn’t usually prepare our food. Whether it is at a restaurant, a party or a potluck dinner, the holiday season exposes us to more chances to get food-borne infections like parasites or food poisoning. That is why every year I recommend that you take Paradex, Jug/Art or Wormwood complex after your dining or party event is over to help rid your body of parasites. Goldenseal, Coptis, Neem extract, Phytogen or SF734 will handle the bacteria from food poisoning or under-cooked poultry. To avoid the awful effects of food poisoning (repeated and relentless evacuation of both your bowels and your stomach contents for several hours), take any of the above when your stomach feels queasy a few hours after dining out or eating old leftovers. Doing this has saved me from developing full-blown food poisoning several times over the past 20-plus years. Using probiotics like acidophilus can also help protect you. If you find your digestive system is a mess over the next few weeks, come in and I can help you figure out what is causing it and what to take to make it go away.

Office News

For the past 4 months all of our newsletters have been going out via email only. If you haven’t been receiving them then we don’t have your email address. We decided to mail out a printed version of this newsletter to our mailing list to remind you that we need your email address so that you can get our monthly newsletters. We never pass your email information on to anyone else and only use it to send our newsletter or to send you office information that you might need. If you don’t have an email address you can always read our newsletter on our web site www.drcraigreese.com from a friend’s computer or at the public library. We also can print you one if you stop by the office and ask Deirdre, Kelly or Tiffany for a copy. Emailing the newsletters allows us to do one every month and to communicate to you schedule changes or other office news on a timely basis. Also, the office is closed again on Saturday for everything except thermography on certain weekends. Annie and Dr. Brown were mostly doing nothing all Saturday morning and both would rather be with their children. Can’t blame them for that!

Holiday Hours

This year Christmas is on a Monday so we will be closed Monday the 25th and the following Monday for New Year’s Day. The rest of the week, after Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, the office will be open our normal hours. We look forward to a healthy and prosperous 2007 for all of us! Email us at health@drcraigreese.com or check out our two web sites: www.drcraigreese.com and www.boulderdrx.com.


(Seinfeld fans will get the Festivus reference)