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September 2006 Newsletter

Fall and Flu

With Fall comes the barrage of news stories and advertisements about flu shots and the coming pandemic. Every year they urge younger and healthier people to get a flu shot to protect them from some menacing virus that is coming to us from some place in Asia or from some animal (bird flu, swine flu). Every year I try to remind people that shooting attenuated viruses, mercury and formaldehyde into you does not create a healthy body. This includes pneumonia shots as well. A panel of experts gets together and guesses which viruses might be around next winter. Then they make a concoction of a few strains of these viruses and throw them in with the mercury and formaldehyde mentioned earlier to create this Fall’s flu shot. Since I am not a medical doctor, I always cite references by medical doctors and osteopaths who feel these shots are worthless. Dr. Mercola at www.mercola.com has tons of information on his web site about flu shots and vaccinations.

New Book

I have written about books I’ve read and have a recommended reading list on my web site. This newsletter I doing something I’ve never done before. I’m recommending a book I’ve never read. The reason for this is because the book has not come out yet. Dr. Mercola has researched and written a book on the Bird flu hoax and is releasing it in a few weeks. Trying to get the media to factually investigate hoaxes like this is tough. His plan is to get his book on the New York Times Best Seller list which will draw more media attention to the premise and facts outlined in his book. I’m all for supporting this effort so I’m passing the information on that I got from him recently. I ordered my book for $14.95 and got a bunch of free reports and a coupon for doing it. If you go to http://shop.mercola.com/Books-The_Great_Bird_Flu_Hoax-P578.aspx you can pre-order his new book. He is trying to shine the light of truth on the drug companies and how they dupe the public into using their toxic remedies. I think a guy like this needs some support.

Swine Flu Fiasco

Back in the winter of 1975-76 we were supposedly in danger of contracting the Swine Flu. People lined up to get their vaccination like we were told to do and unfortunately more people got sick from the shot than ever got sick from the flu. For more information on the government and the flu see:


People always ask me my opinion on flu shots and I tell them that I will not be shooting that crap into my body and don’t recommend it for anyone else. If you are very sick, it can just make you sicker and if you are young and healthy, you don’t need it anyway. Yes, the flu will kill about 30,000 people each winter but most of these people were on death’s door to start with. At the first sign of an infection or cold you need to start treating it with things like Echinacea, Golden Seal, Congaplex, Phytogen, Pro Boost (thymic protein), Natural Vitamin C and Calcium. Not half dead viruses and chemicals. The key is to remember that there is no such thing as a normal cold. At the first sign of any cold or flu symptoms you need to start treating it aggressively. That will minimize its severity and sometimes totally stop it before it really develops. Also realize that getting sick is your body’s way of telling you that you have not been treating it right and it needs to detoxify. So take the hint and go to bed and rest up!

Office News

The office will be closed Monday September 4th for Labor Day. I will be leaving for my honeymoon September 27 for two weeks but you will be in good hands with Dr. Thom Brown. His wife Dr. Cari Brown will still be here on Friday and Saturday mornings for anyone who needs to get in on the weekends. Be sure to call ahead on Saturdays because she has seminars she attends every month on certain weekends. Lastly, our dear sweet Annie is going to be leaving us in a few weeks. Her hands are pretty full with her two kids and the long drive from near DIA to Boulder is both costly and time consuming. She has been a great asset to us for many years and will be missed. She is looking at several work options on that end of town but if anyone is looking for good help near DIA, Aurora or east Denver I’m sure she would love to talk to you.