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August 2007 Newsletter

Hard to believe it is already August and the kids are heading back to school in a few weeks. Summer always seems to fly by so fast. Many families are taking their vacations this month before school starts so I want to remind you about safe travel. Travel usually means more restaurant food and that means a greater probability of picking up parasites. You should always take 1-2 anti-parasitic supplements each day that you travel to lessen your chance of getting parasites from the food you eat or the water you drink. Nutritional supplements like Paradex, Jug/Art and Wormwood Complex are just a few choices. It is better to prevent an infection then to deal with it after the fact.

Your Lawn is Not the Only Thing Dried Out!

August is also the month when most people are showing up in the office dehydrated. It has been a fairly hot summer and it takes a lot of work to stay hydrated in Colorado. It is the balance of water and minerals that keep you hydrated. The more you sweat the more minerals you lose in that sweat. Also, our dry climate steals the moisture from our bodies before we even realize it. Drinking 2-4 liters of water a day is the general range unless you are exercising a lot. Then your requirements go up and your mineral needs go up as well. I take 15-20 Min-Tran a day in the summer and I don’t work outside. You should also use a good sea salt to help replace your minerals each day. Just a pinch in your mouth and wash it down with water will help rehydrate you in a hurry. True sea salt looks gray and wet and can be bought at places like Whole Foods and Wild Oats in the spice section. You can also order it on the internet from the Grain and Salt Society at www.celticseasalt.com. There are products in the store that say sea salt but are really refined sodium chloride from sea water. True sea salt has 75 -86 minerals in it and is a whole unprocessed source of minerals that I think tastes much better than normal table salt.

Spasms and Pain

When you become dehydrated from either a lack of water or minerals or both, your muscles will want to go into spasm with little provocation. You will have more joint aches and you will feel fatigued a lot. A lock of minerals also affects your vision, hair, nails, thyroid and adrenal function. If your muscles cramp at rest or during sleep that is also a sign of mineral deficiency. Muscle cramps while exercising is an oxygen deficiency that can be helped with Cataplex E2 or Prometol. Cataplex E2 can also help with angina pain and is much healthier than nitroglycerin.


With hot weather are appetites tend to decrease and eating hot food can be a turn off on really hot days. Make sure you are still eating enough protein or your joints will start hurting and your energy will wane. Protein drinks work great for giving you a shot of protein mixed with water and fruit. Heavy foods are better for the cold weather and lighter foods when it is hot so your body handles fruits easier in the summer and thick soups in the winter. Of course ice cold organic watermelon tastes good to me anytime and it is a good source of water, minerals and fiber. It also helps detox your bowels and kidneys, too.


Although I haven’t seen a real case of West Nile Virus in the office for a few years, it is still a good idea to avoid mosquito bites if you can. I’m not a big fan of putting DEET on my body so I use the neem lotion and citronella oil to keep the bugs off. I used to have a neem bug spray but my supplier has it on back order. It will probably be available in December when we don’t need it! So lotion with neem in it works pretty good. Neem is a tree in India that has lots of wonderful healing properties. According to The Neem Foundation, it has proven beneficial or preventative for dozens of diseases and ailments that affect the body and skin (http://www.neemfoundation.org/health.htm). We use it in the office for mold and yeast infections, bacteria, parasites, many different skin problems from infection to psoriasis. It works great in kids and adults alike. Neem oil has a strong smell but the neem lotions we carry don’t smell bad to me.

Citronella oil can be found in Young Livings Purification Oil and sometimes in the hunting supply stores. The EPA has a summary of it copied below:


Oil of Citronella has been used for over 50 years as an insect repellent and as an animal repellent. It is found in many familiar insect repellent products: candles, lotions, gels, sprays and towelette wipes. These products, which vary in efficacy, repel various insects, some of which are public health pests, such as mosquitoes, biting flies and fleas. When used according to the label, citronella products are not expected to cause harm to humans, pets or the environment.


The EPA says that DEET is a Class III toxin (which is low) and not a human carcinogen; I would still rather not use it if I can help it. So there are some other choices if you don’t want to spray your kids with an old bug repellant that was designed by the Army back in 1946.

Office News

Many times we are asked if we can help friends and relatives who live in other states to get healthier. It is always best if we can see them in person to test them and see what they need but that is not always feasible. We now have access to an internet based symptom survey that can be filled out on line and then we can send you the results and make recommendations as to what supplements would help. If anyone is interested in doing this, just send us an email at staff@drcraigreese.com and one of our staff will email you back the web address and a password to access the survey. There is no charge for the survey and we can email, fax or mail your results to you. Then they can decide if they want us to ship the recommended supplements to them or not. I figure this is a good solution until they get cloning perfected or Star Trek beaming technology to really work.

The office will be closed for Labor Day on Monday September 3. Have a great Summer!