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July 2007 Newsletter

The Antioxidant Hoax

In the April 07 newsletter I printed an article by Mike Adams who explained how medical trials can be manipulated to make the outcomes appear worse than they are. This was in response to the article by the American Medical Association claiming that vitamins are dangerous to your health. Though Mike is right in his assertions, I don’t think he adequately got across one very important point: antioxidants have no place in human nutrition. High dose antioxidants do kill and are poisonous to our bodies. Buying a supplement because it claims to be high in antioxidants is both wasteful and dangerous. The free radical theory of disease is not true and has been proven false many times over. Free radicals are used in our body as explained below. If oxygen were really so bad for us, then the best antioxidant supplement would be duct tape over our nose and mouth. That would take care of that pesky oxygen!

Natural Medicine’s Reply

Below is a copy of a letter Mark Anderson wrote to a doctor about the antioxidant study in JAMA. Mark is the co-author of the book Empty Harvest written with renowned natural healer Bernard Jensen, DC. Mr. Anderson is also the president of Standard Process West in Ft. Collins. He is a staunch defender of our rights to access natural health care and the use of nutritional supplements for healing the body.

Vol. 297 No. 8, February 28, 2007

Antioxidants and Mortality

Abstract: "Antioxidants are believed to reduce the risk of several diseases. However, in a previously published article, Bjelakovic and colleagues reported that antioxidant supplements...had no effect on gastrointestinal cancer and were associated with an increase in all-cause mortality. In this issue of JAMA, the investigators report results of a systematic literature review to assess the effects of beta carotene, vitamins A and E, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and selenium on all-cause mortality among participants in primary and secondary disease prevention trials. The authors found that beta carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E, taken singly or combined with other antioxidant supplements, were associated with increased all-cause mortality."

Data Extraction: We included 68 randomized trials with 232 606 participants (385 publications).

The review follows a slew of other studies in the past few years that have suggested patients have more health problems, not fewer, when they take high doses of antioxidants supplements. Another meta-analysis, published in 2005, reported a 10 per cent increased risk of mortality for people taking 400 International Units per day of vitamin E.

The above summary provides the context for the following email reply to a doctor. The doctor was questioning the difference between antioxidants in supplements and foods.

Hi Dr. ---------

You've come a long way and are almost there, but have not fully gotten the "big idea" (as BJ Palmer put it).

The antioxidants in foods are not for people. They are a survival factor created by and for the plant growing in nature. The consuming animal (human) discards them like the peel on an orange The tocopherol is officially classified as vitamin E. It is not. It is an antioxidant found in oils containing vitamin E complex. Ascorbic acid is officially classified as vitamin C. It is not. It is an antioxidant found in foods containing vitamin C complex. Etc, etc, etc. Dr. Royal Lee spent his life in an effort to educate people about these essential facts.

Oxygen is the enemy of food UNTIL it is consumed. It destroys food by combining with elements and burning them up - decay. Foods (plants) protect against this through the creation of antioxidants.

Oxygen is not the enemy of the human body. It causes the release of energy in all cells through interaction with nutrients and mitochondria. The by-products of this oxidation are also not the enemy of the human body. The by-products help to destroy pathogens and arm the immune system. Every cell creates enzymes to easily handle oxidative by-products and turn them into useful substances. Taking extra antioxidants into the body inhibit this vital function.

You ask: What do you call Cataplex C and Cataplex E? If they aren't anti-oxidants in food form, what are they?

I call them what they are: vitamin complexes exhibiting the active vitamin function - which has nothing to do with antioxidants. Vitamin C complex is the collagen building catalyst and leukocyte armor. Collagen is the glue that holds the entire body together and leukocytes kill pathogens. There is no antioxidant function needed to build collagen, nor destroy pathogens. Vitamin E complex is the muscle repair factor and sex steroid hormone precursor. There is no antioxidant function involved in muscle repair and hormone creation. Ascorbic acid and tocopherols are not essential nutrients and certainly not vitamins. What they are, characteristically, is rightly described as antioxidants. They prevent vitamin destruction by oxygen IN FOOD. They have virtually no nutrient function in the human body. But, in the human body, they do impair normal oxidative reactions in the cell. That is why they are dangerous (except in the minute amounts ingested from food). That is why every long-term study of antioxidant supplementation reveals that people get sicker not healthier when they take them. The fact that doctors are so unobservant of these negative processes in their patients and must look at long-term meta-analysis to see this pattern only shows how bad the healing arts are in this world. And they are very bad. Because nutritional research has been so perverted over the last century, false assumptions have led to a complete ignorance of micronutrient function and form.

To counter this, I suggest you purchase copies of Vitamin News and From Soil to Supplement to study the works of Dr. Royal Lee.

In these writings, you will see how the pattern of deception crept into and corrupted the real discoveries of nutrient form and function and how the health of the world was sold for a few chemicals.

Best regards,
Mark (For more information from Mark Anderson and Dr. Lee visit http://seleneriverpress.com)

Makes Sense

I have had more than a few consultations with patients new to our office who are confused about why they are sick. They take vitamins everyday for years and still got diagnosed with cancer or heart disease. The mega-vitamin therapy convinced us that if you were sick then you just need even more of these fake synthetic compounds. The truth is that you will never cure a nutritional problem using synthetic or fractionated so-called "vitamins". Ascorbic acid is not a vitamin and will not cure scurvy even at 10 grams a day but several limes a day will because they have the full vitamin C complex of which ascorbic acid is only a small part. Don’t be fooled by the antioxidant/mega-vitamin hoax that you can eat a bad diet and then take a high potency multi-vitamin to fix it all because it won’t.