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November is upon us and soon it will be Thanksgiving. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather we’ve had for the past month with a few bad days thrown just to remind us that winter is coming. I’m not a sports fan but I know the Rockies have made this Fall very exciting for a lot of you. Go Rockies!


The leaves and the weather aren’t the only thing changing this Fall. We have added a new face to our office staff that will help us take even better care of you. Dr. Lee Thomas has joined our practice from Denver where he has been running a large nonsurgical spinal decompression center for nearly three years. He probably has more experience using the DRX 9000 then anyone else in the state and is probably in the top 5 in the country. He will be taking over our spinal decompression treatments as well as building his Chiropractic patient load.

Dr. Lee Thomas: Hi everyone! I want you to know my passion is chiropractic with an emphasis on wellness! I have this purpose in mind to share with those who are interested in alternative care to optimize the nervous system to its fullest and promote health. I strongly encourage people to get involved with their health and ask questions about nutrition, the nervous system as a whole and how chiropractic can be used to benefit you now, and for years to come. Currently, my primary treatment focus is using the DRX9000 for spinal decompression therapy. I am one of the very few in the state of Colorado having the most experience with the DRX9000 and helped pioneer its introduction in the Denver community treating well over 15,000 decompression treatments to date. It has the highest success rate of any chronic pain treatment available for treating neck and low back pain. I have also been critically involved in developing the most comprehensive, effective, decompression program available, which exceeds the success rate nationally advertised. I’m eager to utilize this expertise to help people develop a positive attitude toward chiropractic, health and wellness care, and their situation. My hobbies include four wheeling in the mountains, skiing, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, and watching movies. I am a big advocate in balancing between family life and God and my career goals. I’ve been practicing approximately 4 years and was previously in the military for approximately 12 years. I engaged in various top-secret ops serving in Desert Storm/Desert Shield. This helped me realize the meaning of life and the importance of helping people that are in need as well as being a team player.

Fake Decompression

Now that spinal decompression has become an accepted term in advertising and conversation, it is popping up in ads that are not really true spinal decompression products. I have heard of mattress companies claiming that their mattress decompresses the spine. If that were true than no one would have a disc or facet problem once they slept on a mattress. Years ago the medical profession used to prescribe 2 weeks of bed rest for everyone with back pain. The results were studied and the people mostly got worse and their backs weaker as a result. So now bed rest is seldom recommended for longer than a few days. I got an ad from a company selling inversion tables as Spinal Decompression Tables. Yes, inversion tables will make the blood rush to your head and may help tight muscles in your back feel better but they will not create a negative pressure in your disc space and decompress your back. I owned one and used it for about a year but it didn’t really decompress my back and heal my discs. If it were really that easy, we would have 20 tables in the office and just hang everyone like sleeping bats around the office. Believe me, 100 inversion tables would be a lot cheaper than just one DRX 9000 table and we could have group hangout parties! Lastly, there are clinics with some plain old traction tables that are calling themselves spinal decompression clinics. Those tables cost a tenth of the price of the DRX 9000 and they don’t have the technology to respond to the muscles tightening. Our table monitors your body’s reaction to the pull 17 times a second and adjusts the pull accordingly.

Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression Vs. Traction Tables

Dr. Thomas explains it this way: "A great way to explain the difference between traction and non-surgical spinal decompression is a simple but huge difference. If I were to take your hand and start pulling on it, what is your natural response? You would pull back and resist of course. What you are using to resist and pull back with are your spinal muscles. When you are on the traction table, and its just constantly cranking, it never gets to the disc, because your muscles are engaged or contracted. The difference with decompression is that it slowly massages your muscles and your discs back and forth, and when the table senses your muscles resisting or pulling back, the table backs off. We basically trick your body, and are able to get past the muscles to the true source of your pain, the damaged disc that is specifically putting pressure on the nerve".

So the machine allows us to sneak up on the muscles and gently stretch them to new lengths, pulls the vertebrae apart and creates a vacuum in the disc that draws in the herniated disc as well as nutrients to nourish and heal the discs. That is why when you get of the table the first few times your back feels like a wet noodle with no support. The muscle stimulation we use helps to consolidate these muscles again and make them contract and support your back. The ice helps fight off any inflammation caused by creating that big stretch in your back. Our cervical decompression machine works on the same principle as the lumbar machine and works wonders for neck, arm and upper back pain. If you are wondering if your spine could benefit from nonsurgical spinal decompression, call the office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Thomas today.

Office News

We will be closed Thursday and Friday November 22 and 23rd for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We hope everyone has a great day and finds a lot to be thankful for.