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October 2007 Newsletter

Every year Standard Process West puts on a 1 ½ day seminar called "Back to School for Doctors" that is free but you don’t get any continuing education credits for going. Since the seminar hours don’t credit toward your annual 15 hours needed to renew our professional license, the only reason the doctors are there is to get the latest information on how to better serve our patients. They had a large turn out of doctors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, nurses, etc wanting to learn what Mark Anderson and Donna Wilde had to teach us. They did a great job of dispelling old ingrained dogma that has been hampering the health of most Americans for decades. They blew away the myths and the lies surrounding iodine supplementation and its need in most people.


Most people know that refined table salt has iodine added to help prevent goiter and cretinism (severe mental retardation in children). The RDA of 150 micrograms was set based on the level needed to prevent these two ailments and the belief by one researcher that more iodine than this would be toxic to the thyroid. These false ideas have lead to a 50% drop in the average iodine level of Americans and a significant rise in hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroid disease, thyroid and breast cancer. The government and the AMA stance have not changed but fortunately a few brave medical doctors have bucked the system and found successful ways to treat these ailments.


You may have heard of halogen lamps or bulbs but do you know what a halogen is? Dr. David Brownstein, MD in his book, Iodine. Why you need it. Why you can’t live without it, defines halogen as, "an element of a closely related chemical family, all of which form similar (salt-like) compounds in combination with sodium and most other metals." The halogens are; bromine, chlorine, fluorine, iodine and astatine. They are found in group VIIA of the Periodic Table of Elements. Because of their similar molecular structure; fluorine, bromine and chlorine all compete to block iodine from its normal receptor in cells. Iodine is the only one of those elements that has a therapeutic effect in the body. Those 3 toxic molecules have no use in the body and cause serious problems when they replace iodine. When your body has sufficient intake and stores of iodine, it can expel those other halogens plus toxic metals like mercury and lead.

Iodine and Cancer

Studies of the Japanese diet show an average intake of 13.8 milligrams of iodine daily. This is nearly 100 times the RDA for this country. Seaweed and seafood in their diet are the abundant sources of iodine. In the US, most of the country has little to no iodine in the soil so there is little to no iodine in the food we grow. The Japanese have significantly lower incidence of breast, endometrial, ovarian and prostate cancer. They also have less fibrocystic breast disease then US women. Native Japanese, who later move to the US, lose this advantage over the years and experience higher rates of these cancers. It has been known in medical research for over 50 years that there is an association between breast cancer and low iodine levels. I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard that before!

Environmental Toxins

Fluoride in the drinking water has never been proven to prevent dental cavities. It does cause many other problems like: dental fluorosis (discoloration of teeth), hip fractures, bone cancer, lowered intelligence, kidney toxicity, etc. Fluoride inhibits the ability of the thyroid gland to concentrate iodine and is more toxic to the body when iodine is deficient. It can be found in drugs like Paxil, Prozac, Flonase and Flovent.

Bromine poisoning causes delirium, psychomotor retardation, schizophrenia and hallucinations. Lesser levels of bromine in the body causes people to feel: dull, apathetic, have difficulty concentrating, headaches, depression and irritability. Bromine is found in hot tubs, swimming pools, agricultural fungicides and in drinks like Gatorade, Mountain Dew and AMP Energy Drinks because of the brominated vegetable oils. Over 20 years ago bromine replaced iodine in flour as a conditioner thanks to one government doctor who believed that any iodine ingested above 150 micrograms was toxic. Bromine is also found in drugs that treat asthma and bowel and bladder problems.

Chloride is an important element in extracellular fluid. Chlorine, the oxidized form of chloride, is added to our drinking water, pools, hot tubs, and cleaning products. A byproduct of chlorine is Dioxin which is a powerful carcinogen. Chlorine has been linked to birth defects, cancer, reproductive problems and weakened immune system. The steam from dishwashers has a high concentration of chlorine so be careful opening them when they are running or still hot. Sucrolose is chlorinated sugar and is something I’ve always recommended you avoid. Perchlorate is also a toxic substance made of 1 chlorine and 4 oxygen molecules. It is found in the water supply of 43 states and gets onto our crops via irrigation water. The entire lower Colorado River Basin is contaminated with perchlorate and so the crops like organic winter lettuce are too. It causes breast disease, hypothyroidism, immune system problems, thyroid cancer and moderate to severe birth defects. Perchlorate is used in rocket fuel, fireworks, car air bags and leather tanning.

Iodine to the Rescue

The good news is that getting enough iodine in your body kicks out those other poisons and protects you from developing those nasty diseases. When you start ingesting more iodine, your body will start releasing all the bromine, fluoride, chlorine, lead and even mercury it has stored. This will usually make you feel worse so you need to be careful about raising your iodine levels slowly. We can work with you to help put you on the right dosage of iodine and other synergistic supplements to support your detoxification systems and eliminate these toxins.

Your Iodine Level

How do you know if you need more iodine? The simplest test is using an iodine tincture on the skin and sees how long it takes for your body to absorb it. The faster it goes away, the lower your iodine stores. You can test iodine clearance with a 24 hour urine test or test the blood and saliva levels of iodine via lab tests. We can do the skin test in our office for you at no charge and we are looking into getting the other tests available in the office. I suggest everyone get a copy of Dr. Brownstein’s book and read it. It was written for lay people and is easy to understand. You can find it at: www.drbrownstein.com or maybe from www.seleneriverpress.com. If you have been told that you are allergic to iodine, we have some allergy elimination treatments that can help that too. The source and quality of the iodine is important as well as taking the right supplements to aid its utilization. We can help you sort all this out and monitor your iodine levels and detox reactions. Balance your iodine and you will balance your health and get your energy back like it used to be!