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September 2007 Newsletter

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope everyone had a great summer though it is not officially over yet. Last newsletter we talked about how a lack of minerals and protein could cause joint pain and muscle aches. On a chronic basis it will cause you to develop osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and disc disease.


This is a word that many people fear almost to the same degree as the word cancer. We have been told that it is an inevitable consequence of living too long. Nowadays too long means past age 30! With the work we are doing with spinal decompression, I have the occasion to see spines showing joint degeneration on MRI scans at an early age. Osteoarthritis is showing up earlier than ever before and has been described as a wear and tear disease of living: "if you use your joints, well you eventually wear them out." Sounds like a pretty lousy design doesn’t it when joints are being to wear out by age 30?! Some human populations in the past have lived well past age 100 as the norm. When we study the health of these societies, we don’t find arthritis or cancer prevalent in their population. Are they just the recipients of winning the genetic lottery or is there something in their lifestyle that creates this?

Composition of Bone

Dr. Royal Lee described bone as being 1/3 protein, 1/3 minerals and 1/3 water. We see a consistent rise in the number of both osteoarthritis and osteoporosis cases every year. It is blamed on the aging population but the truth is that young people are getting it too. With the popularity of drinking juices, soda, coffee and energy drinks people are consuming less straight water than their bodies need. Last month I talked about the need for minerals and the fact that most people are mineral deficient right now. So there is already a lack of 2 of the 3 components necessary for healthy bone. Protein shouldn’t be a problem since many experts state that we have too much protein in our Standard American Diet. But, is it the right kind of protein?

Raw Food

In the past we talked about how Dr. Weston Price made it his life’s work to study the primitive tribes of the world back in the early Twentieth Century. He found that the tribes following their native diet had no tooth decay, arthritis or cancer. No one needed braces and people were healthy and active into old age. Within 20 years of changing to a western diet of processed and over-cooked foods, they developed crooked and rotted teeth, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Dr. Pottenger detailed the destruction a cooked diet had on his cats back in the 1930’s when he was trying to use them for endocrine hormone studies and his development of the drug cortisone. He found that by the third generation, his cats that ate a cooked food diet were sick, sterile, deformed and very crippled from arthritis. The cats on a raw meat and milk diet were healthy with healthy off-spring.

Dr. Royal Lee echoed these findings and said that most of the diseases today are from a cooked food diet. He recommended that no less than 50% of each meal should be in the form of raw food to help balance the cooked food. His research showed that vitamin C complex in the presence of raw protein was needed to prevent osteoarthritis and to help stop the degeneration of discs, ligaments and joints. That in effect, these were all really just symptoms of scurvy and malnutrition yet the medical way to treat this is with dangerous Cox 2 inhibitors like Celebrex and Vioxx. He also said that anyone with osteoarthritis will also have or develop gum disease.

Vitamin C

This is right out of the Merck Manual: "Vitamin C is essential for collagen formation and helps to maintain the integrity of substances of mesenchymal origin, such as connective tissue, osteoid tissues of bone and dentin of teeth. It is essential for wound healing and facilitates recovery from burns. (14th edition page 905) The lack of vitamin C complex causes a breakdown in the collagen which causes your spinal discs to degenerate, your bones to become thinner, your ligaments and joints to degenerate, your gums to recede and your teeth to loosen up. The lack of vitamin C complex compounded with the lack of raw protein in the diet accelerates this bone and joint degeneration. Your discs, bones and joints are not degenerating because you had the audacity to use them. They are falling apart because you did not feed your body the building blocks it needed to repair and sustain its normal structure and function. Without the vitamin C complex, no collagen is formed and the minerals have no place to be stored to create a structurally healthy bone. The connective tissues of the body like ligaments, tendons and muscles become weaker and more susceptible to damage. Eating more raw fruits and vegetables are the best source of vitamin C complex.

Raw Protein

Where do we find raw protein in our modern supermarkets of today? All of our dairy is pasteurized except for a few brands of raw milk cheese. I heard Mark Anderson once say that, "the French invented pasteurization but they aren’t stupid enough to use it on their cheese." Raw cheese and milk are good sources of raw protein. Nuts and seeds are a good choice but soon they will be hard to find. There is a law soon to take effect mandating that all raw almonds be pasteurized. Protein drinks are another source of uncooked protein that can be added to a blender drink. Fermented soy can be consumed if you aren’t allergic to it. We have been made afraid of eating raw eggs but Dr. Mercola thinks they are fine. For more info on this go to www.mercola.com and do a search for "raw eggs" to get all the articles he has written on the subject. For a food to still be alive enough to contain enzymes and vitamins, it can’t be cooked above the pasteurization point. Rare to medium rare organic beef is one of my favorite protein sources. If beef is cooked "medium well" to "well done" it is pretty much dead food. Raw fish is a popular raw protein these days but you need to treat yourself for parasites if you don’t prepare this food yourself.


Why is all this important to you? If you ask most chiropractors who have been in practice for a long time and they will tell you that it is harder to get patients well today then it was 30 or 50 years ago. We are getting sicker every generation due to our dietary habits of eating dead, processed over-cooked food. It is causing us to degenerate faster and develop nasty diseases like cancer and diabetes at younger ages. As a doctor who treats a lot of back, neck and disc related pain as well as chronic illnesses and infections, I benefit financially from you not eating healthy diets. But it really is much easier to help you prevent these problems from starting than to treat them after they develop. Natural health doctors are doctors of disease prevention not disease treatment and it is our job to teach you how to stay healthy. Fortunately, changing how you eat now can eventually reverse some of the damage already done and create healthier future generations.