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Sorry this newsletter is late. This month has gotten away from me and seems to really be flying by. I guess summer tends to do that unfortunately.


This topic seems to be leading the news 24/7. If you lived in a different country and heard our newscasts, you’d believe all Americans were begging in the streets and penniless. But my experience has been the opposite. I flew to Atlanta at the end of June for a 3 day conference and I think business is booming in America. Both airports were packed; I couldn’t get a room in the 60 plus story hotel in downtown Atlanta where the convention was held. In fact, all the major hotels within a few blocks were full too. I had to go 6 blocks away to find a place. The restaurants were packed even on a weekend in the city. I was the last guy to get a seat on the jumbo 767 leaving Atlanta for Denver that Monday morning after taking an hour to get through the giant lines at security. Since many of those travelers were families on vacation I guess somebody still has money to spend.

Hidden Agenda

I’m politically neutral but I believe the media has an agenda to get a Democrat in the White House and keep their majority in Congress. History shows that if there is a bad economy at election time, the party in power usually loses. There have been cries of a failing economy from some sectors of the media for 8 years. Sooner or later you say something long enough it will be believed by many to be true. The funny part is that as soon as they get a leadership change, that same media will then turn on the new party in power and demonize them. My “prescription” for better health and sanity is to tune these guys out and don’t waste your time reading papers or watching the news. It will only make you more fearful of the future and more anxious about life. Surveys have shown that people think we live in a more dangerous society today than 30 years ago but the crime statistics show the opposite. Stop watching and listening to how bad it is because your dominate thoughts will have a profound affect on you and your happiness.


I never watch the news or read the paper yet I still know about the important things that happen around the world. The internet pops up stories all the time and other people will pass things along. I was recently told by one of my patients (thanks John) about the report that Cipro and that class of antibiotics have been shown to cause tendon rupture and is to carry a special warning from now on. Google Cipro and you find an interesting article by the Weston A. Price Foundation that reveals Cipro as a fluorinated medicine with lots of side-effects: (http://www.westonaprice.org/healthissues/cipro.html)
Other Cipro Side Effects29

Abnormal dread or fear

Joint or back pain


Joint stiffness

Bleeding in the stomach

Kidney failure

Bleeding in the intestines

Labored breathing

Blood clots in the lungs

Lack of muscle coordination

Blurred vision

Lack or loss of appetite

Change in color perception

Large volumes of urine




Loss of sense of identity


Loss of sense of smell


Mouth sores

Coughing up blood

Neck pain

Decreased vision




Difficulty in swallowing

Pounding heartbeat


Ringing in the ears

Double vision



Sensitivity to light

Eye pain

Severe allergic reaction


Skin peeling






Speech difficulties

Gout flare up

Swelling of the face, neck, lips, eyes, or hands


Swelling of the throat

Hearing loss

Tender, red bumps on skin

Heart attack

Tingling sensation



High blood pressure

Unpleasant taste


Unusual darkening of the skin

Inability to fall or stay asleep

Vaginal inflammation

Inability to urinate

Vague feeling of illness



Intestinal inflammation

Yellowed eyes and skin

Involuntary eye movement


Irregular heartbeat






Evening News

Seldom does this type of negative drug information show up in the major news media because those drug companies (Bayer in this case) spend BILLIONS of dollars advertising with those same media companies. Natural health care and alternative medicine probably don’t spend more than a few million each year to promote their viewpoint. People who wonder why kids are using more drugs today than ever should count the number of drug ads they see on TV in a 4 hour time slot. That number is pretty large and that is the battle that natural health care has to fight on a daily basis. That is also why I write my newsletters and keep them posted on our website so that you can get a second opinion and sometimes hear “the rest of the story” about treatment options.

Office News

I will have shortened hours on July 16th and then be out of the office on the 17th while I take my kids to see family back in the Midwest. The staff will still be here to help you on the 16th & 17th. Lastly, if you want to recycle your plastic grocery bags, we will take them off your hands.