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September 2008 NEWSLETTER

Sorry there wasn’t a newsletter last month but the whole summer flew by so fast it was mid-August before I knew it. Hope you had a great summer in spite of its apparent short duration.

Gold Medal Bodies

The Olympics just ended and it seems they were watched pretty extensively around the world. I don’t watch sports but I did program my DVR to record most of it and admit to watching some of the events. It is nice to fast forward through 70-80% of it and then watch the best part of the event or report. Most of these events require the participants to be extraordinarily fit yet the interesting part is to see how different they were all built for their sport. The power lifters or basketball players verses the gymnasts or divers. In the running events I like to look at the differences between the sprinters and the long distance runners.

Chest and Lungs

Sprinters have large chests and at the end of their races are panting to get their breath back. They have to have large heart and lung capacity and large muscles to fuel their sprints. The distance runners have taught their bodies to run more efficiently and have small chests and slight bodies. If you look at the muscle definition in distance runners they are pretty smooth where sprinters look well defined like small body builders. This goes for both the men and women in these two sports.

Lessons for Us

In the past I’ve written about Interval Training and also Dr. Sear’s PACE Program. Instead of getting on your treadmill or doing a walk for 30-60 minutes at one speed, you need to get your heart rate up and work hard enough to have you panting for air. This will increase your heart and lung capacity and burn more fat while you aren’t working out. You need less time to exercise and you lose body fat faster. This is the opposite of what the aerobics proponents tell you. Yes you burn more fat during exercise with the long slow distance training but then you store fat for the next 12-24 hours because you told your body you like fat as a fuel.

Anaerobic Exercise makes you Strong Not Fat

Look at the sprinter swimmer Michael Phelps who won 8 gold medals. He has a very wide back and large chest but no body fat. Would you rather workout for 60 minutes and stay smooth and still have a high body fat percentage or would you like to workout for 10-20 minutes and lose that body fat and make those muscles visible and people can actually tell you have been working out? Most of us don’t have the time or inclination to train like these incredible Olympic athletes but we can learn to exercise more efficiently and effectively using interval training.


Loss of lung and heart capacity is one of the signs of aging. Instead of spending lots of money on worthless synthetic vitamins and creams, eat raw organic foods and put heavy breathing into your exercise. This will expand your lung capacity and build your heart muscle back up instead of having them atrophy.

Office News

Stephanie Christmas is our new staff member at the front desk. Yes, now it is Christmas here year-round. Save the jokes because she has heard them all before but she is very sweet and is here to help you.

My daughters and I took a brief trip back to the Midwest in July and got a chance to go to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH and ride on the little Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster pictured below. You reach speeds of 120 MPH and climb a 42 story wall straight up over the top and straight down reaching 120 MPH again. I’m not the kind of doctor that tells you “don’t” all the time. You need to go have fun and then get in a get re-adjusted afterwards. This was the most thrilling coaster I ever rode and the 20 second ride was the shortest as well.