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February 2009 Newsletter

Breast Cancer and Iodine

Last month I mentioned this book by Dr. David Derry, MD. It has some interesting information but it is not a book I would recommend most people read. There is a lot of boring theories about cellular evolution that most will probably not understand. There are many grammatical and typographical errors that need to be overlooked. There is some great information to be had in this small book with lots of references to back up his ascertains.

From the Beginning

Derry postulates that the evolution of the cell in the ocean was exposed to high amounts of iodine and is important to every cell in our bodies today. Whether you believe in Evolution or Creationism, the fact remains that iodine is found in nearly every tissue and fluid in the body. According to Dr. Derry, “Radioactive tracing of iodine shows that much of the iodine goes to the thyroid gland, nasal secretions, gut, breast, stomach, bone and in the extra-cellular fluids and connective tissue of almost all organs.”

Who Cares?

So iodine is found all through the body. So are a lot of other vitamins and minerals, what makes iodine so important? Below is a list of proposed functions of iodine in the human body listed on page 25 of his book [my comments will appear in these brackets]:

1. Used to make thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland.

2. Main body surveillance mechanism for abnormal cells in body. [this is the early detection and elimination system for cancer cells of all kinds]

3. Triggers Apoptosis (program[ed] death of cells) in normal cells and abnormal cells. [every cell in the body has a specific lifespan]

4. Detoxifies chemicals. [bromine, chlorine, fluoride & mercury to name a few]

5. Reacts with tyrosine and histidine to inactivate enzymes and denature proteins.[those two amino acids are exposed on the cell surface of bacteria and other “bugs” and this is how iodine kills them on contact]

6. Antiseptic to bacteria, algae, fungi, viruses and protozoa. [see #5]

7. Detoxifies biological toxins, food poisoning, snake venom, etc.

8. Anti Allergic process. Makes external proteins non allergic. [binds with the protein and removes it from the body so the immune system doesn’t have to attack it. Great for handling food allergies]

9. Anti autoimmune mechanism by making intracellular proteins spilled into the blood non-allergic. [see #8]

10. Protection of double bonds in lipids for delivery to cardiovascular system and synaptic membranes in brain and retina. [keeps unsaturated fatty acids from becoming rancid before the body can use them]

11. Fetal source of apoptotic mechanisms during development in fetus and breast-fed children. [Cancer is sometimes defined as the uncontrolled growth of cells. Iodine helps control cell growth and fetal cancers]

12. Protection from apoptotic diseases such as Leukemia.

13. Possible initial source of thyroxine in early fetal development. [thyroxine is the thyroid hormone T4: one tyrosine molecule combined with four iodine molecules]

14. Antiseptic activity in stomach against helicobacter pylori. [the bacteria responsible for creating stomach ulcers]

Iodine Free

The ocean is the source for iodine in our soil. Rocks have very little iodine and areas rich in granite have almost no iodine. Being landlocked with lots of granite in our state means our soils lack any iodine so the plants that grow in that soil also lack iodine. The Midwest was known as the “goiter belt” because of the high incidence of goiter due to the lack of iodine in the soil. That is what spurred the invention of iodized salt. It puts enough iodine in the body to prevent goiter and cretinism (severe congenital mental retardation and stunted body growth) but not enough to keep us healthy. Now over the last few decades we have been warned not to use salt because of high blood pressure concerns.

Unless you are eating large amounts of seaweed, like many native Japanese, you are getting little if any iodine in your diet. Iodine was also used as a conditioner for flour until the late 1960’s when some “brilliant” government official decided we were getting too much iodine in our diet and replaced it with bromine. Is it any wonder that hypothyroid incidence and all types of cancer have gone through the roof since then?

Food Allergies

I can speak from personal experience that building up the body’s iodine stores can reverse food allergies. For many years my saliva tests showed a positive reaction to foods like glutens, soy, eggs and sometimes dairy. After 18 months of taking 25-100 mg a day of iodine, my saliva tests show no reaction to those foods. My thyroid is working better as well. I know that most of my life I got zero to maybe a trace of iodine in my diet so it has taken me along time to build up my body stores. Most of you are probably in the same boat unless you have already heeded my earlier warnings over the past 16 months (see newsletters 10/07 & 6/08). As you can see from the 14 points listed above by Dr. Derry, iodine is vital to your health regardless of age. We can test you to see which iodine supplement works for you & how much you need to get well and stay that way.