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Newsletter October 2009

Except for a few cold days, this has been a beautiful fall. Hope you got to see the leaves changing in the mountains by now.


I had a great time in Hawaii on both the Big Island and Kauai. I got to scuba dive off the northwest coast of Hawaii near Hapuna Beach. Saw lots of turtles, eels and a six foot reef shark that we chased out of his sleeping cave. Our dive master pulled an octopus from the reef and it sprayed out what seemed like gallons of ink to hide itself but he still caught him and put him on my hand. Then he stuck it on another diver’s bald head and it stuck there. I saw a Crown of Thorns which is a type of starfish that eats coral and has poisonous spines soaked in neurotoxins. They are voracious predators... An individual starfish can consume up to 6 square meters (65 sq ft) of living coral reef per year. Our dive master picked it up with his dive knife and found a Giant Triton mollusk and pushed them together. The triton folded out of its shell to attack and eat the thorny predator. It was amazing how large of a creature was folded up inside that shell! I didn’t get to see any manta rays because they tend to come out at night. I was surprised at how clear the water was for being the Pacific Ocean. As beautiful as the islands are, it is still nice to be home.

Lots of News

You may have been getting some weekly emails from us lately. You may also get a newsletter called “In Good Hands” from us. I would like to take credit for producing all these things but I’m not. I do find that most of the information in these mailings I agree with. I really don’t have time to treat patients and research as much as I would like to so this is a way to get the information into your hands faster than I can by myself.
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In my last newsletter I mentioned how the fall is a great time for doing bowel cleanses. In Acupuncture theory, the Lungs and Large Intestine meridians are most active in the autumn. If you didn’t get the information on the Standard Process Purification Program you can contact the office and we can send it to you. Cleansing the lungs is a bit harder but taking iodine and performing anaerobic exercise is good for cleaning them out. Some experts believe your lung capacity dictates your life capacity. Doing exercise that get the lungs expanding and makes you pant, will increase your lung and heart capacity. So being out of breath off and on with your exercising is a great for extending your life expectancy.

Fermented Foods

In the past we have talked about how fermented foods are healthy for you. It helps to acidify the bowel and protect you from colon cancer and ulcers caused by H. Pylori. It also helps to rid your digestive track of bad bacteria and yeasts like Candida. Foods like: pickles, olives, raw sauerkraut, plain yogurt and kefir, kimchi, pickled veggies, raw organic apple cider vinegar, borscht, tempeh, etc. put the good bacteria in your bowels and helps kill the bad organisms. Dr. Royal Lee developed the very first probiotic in 1939 with his Lactic Acid Yeast product. Chewing these also helps with gum disease as well as digestive and bowel problems. Or you can do it like the Europeans by getting your fermented foods in the form of wine, beer, moldy cheese, sourdough bread, pickles and olives while sitting at a quaint outdoor café overlooking some mountain, river or ocean. Now that sounds really good to me!

Office News

We have decided to keep Friday mornings open from 9-12 for now since people seem to want to come in during those times. We also have a new staff member, Erin, to help us out at the front desk starting on Monday. I know she will do a great job for us.

Have a great October and a Happy Halloween!