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Newsletter April 2010

Happy Spring

April showers might bring May flowers but they also bring parasites to our tap water. Every spring we have parasites in our tap water for about 2-3 months. It is due to the heavy run-off from the mountains melting their snow. Boulder water may be better than most water in the country but it still has its problems. During the spring, avoid drinking unfiltered tap water. Tell the kids that includes the drinking fountains at school. The pitcher filters do not remove parasites during this time of year so use a faucet filter at the very least or drink bottled water that shows it has been filtered. Have the kids take water with them to school so you know they are getting clean water to drink.

Free Drugs

The EPA requires that drinking water is tested for over 90 different contaminants In recent years, several universities have tested our drinking water for other contaminants not required by law. What they found was a lot of drugs and caffeine still in our drinking water:

Environmental Working Group analysis shows that of the top 200 drugs in the U.S., 13 percent list serious side effects at levels less than 100 parts-per-billion (ppb) in human blood, with some causing potential health risks in the parts-per-trillion range. EWG calls on EPA to take swift action to set standards for pollutants in tap water that will protect the health of Americans nationwide, including children and others most vulnerable to health risks from these exposures.

Drug residues contaminate drinking water supplies when people take pills. While their bodies absorb some of the medication, the rest of it is flushed down the toilet. Drinking water treatment plants are not designed to remove these residues, and the AP team uncovered data showing these same chemicals in treated tap water and water supplies in 24 major metropolitan areas around the US. EWG's national tap water atlas shows tap water testing results from 40,000 communities around the country. (Denver area is included)

All of the pharmaceuticals reported in drinking water supplies are unregulated in treated tap water—any level is legal. Not only has the EPA failed to set standards for pharmaceuticals, but also they have failed to require utilities to test for these chemicals. The drug residues in tap water join hundreds of other synthetic chemicals Americans are exposed to daily, as contaminants in food, water, and air, or in common consumer products. EWG found an average of 200 industrial chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in the U.S., indicating that our exposures to toxic chemicals begin in the womb, when risks are greatest. http://www.ewg.org/node/26128

So we are already getting more than we bargained for in our water without the fresh batch of parasites each spring! This doesn’t take into account the over 50,000 chemical pollutants that we know are in our environment but are not tested for by the water companies that supply our water.


It is impossible both physically and financially for the government to completely purify our water. We need to have our own filtration systems to protect ourselves. The minimum is a water filter that attaches to your faucet or refrigerator to help purify your drinking water. A shower filter is good for cleaning up some of the chemicals we breathe in while we shower. You can fill up your tub through the shower head if you like to bathe instead. A whole house filter system gives you the cleanest water at every faucet but is a lot more expensive. When the kids were little and we lived in the foothills, we got a whole house system to keep the water clean for them to bathe in and a reverse osmosis system for our drinking water. I don’t sell filters or house systems or have any to recommend but you can find lots of information on the internet or in Consumer Reports. You can also contact Shelli Rock about water filters and air purifiers at sherocki@comcast.net. If you have a filter but your aren’t sure if the water is being purified enough, bring me in a sample of your filtered water on your next visit and I will test it for you.


Dr. Royal Lee felt the best water came from deep wells where the water had been purified by the sand and rock of the soil above it. This water still had minerals and other things vital to your health and immunity. This is one of the reasons I like Eldorado Springs water:
The artesian springs located in Eldorado Canyon emanate from one of the most unique sources in the world. This spring water originates as rain and snow just east of the Continental Divide. There it enters an aquifer that passes underneath Eldorado Springs at a depth of 8,000 feet.

An immense artesian pressure forces the water through a layer of sandstone up to the surface in Eldorado Springs, creating a natural filtering system. Protecting the source from all other ground waters is a 500-foot thick layer of clay just above the sandstone that is impervious to ground water. Eldorado Springs is surrounded by hundreds of acres of local, state and federal park land. http://www.eldoradosprings.com/index.php?action=water

The lack of minerals in reverse osmosis water (RO) is often sited as being a problem. If the choice is really clean water with no minerals or water with minerals and pollutants then the clean water wins. One or two minerals tablets like Min Tran will more than make up for the minerals removed by RO. Distilled water is a cooked food and should not be used for drinking water unless it is part of a temporary cleanse. Distilled water will attract minerals, both good and bad, and pull them out of your body. This can be good during a short term cleanse but not something to drink normally.

Bottled Water

Filtering your own water and carrying it in a reusable container is the best way to drink water but is not always possible, especially when traveling. All bottled waters have some downside to them, try to find one that states on the label that it was purified in some way: carbon block filter, ozonation, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, etc. Your chances are much better that you will be drinking safer water than the local tap water. For more information on the quality of specific bottle waters, check out: http://www.ewg.org/health/report/BottledWater/Bottled-Water-Scorecard/Search?query=allproducts.

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