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Newsletter July 2010

Hope you had a nice 4th of July weekend! The cooler weather on Sunday was a nice change from the 90+ degree heat.


Almost everyone takes vitamins and supplements these days. Even the AMA has finally admitted that you need to take supplements. Medical doctors have jumped on the supplement band wagon and started recommending their patients take vitamin D and Omega 3’s and multi-vitamins.

Deadly Nutrition

Medical research has shown us that synthetic vitamins are worse than useless; they are dangerous to our health and can actually increase disease. Beta carotene in smokers increases their chances of developing lung cancer. DL alpha tocopherol, the most common form of vitamin E sold, increases heart disease and cancer rates. We have all heard of the high levels of mercury and other chemicals that are found in fish that can also be polluting our fish oil supplements but there is another problem as well. The majority of Omega 3 pills from fish oils are rancid and cause health problems instead of protecting us from heart disease and inflammation.

Something Smells Fishy!

You can check your fish oil by opening up one of your pearls and smelling the oil. It should smell like fresh fish held up to your nose. It doesn’t smell fishy but you know it is fish. If it has a fishy smell, it is rancid. If it has no smell then it was rancid to start with and they had to deodorize it before they put it into a pearl or gel cap. Good fish oil is expensive because it is difficult to obtain and spoils easily. Oxygen, light and temperature all oxidize omega 3 fatty acids quickly and make it rancid. A rancid fat acts just like a trans fat in your body and causes damage to the membranes surrounding our cells.

Standard Process worked for 15 years trying to get a high quality fish oil in their product line. First they had to design a pearl that could hold the oil on a shelf for two years without getting rancid and then they had to find a supplier who could guarantee a consistently clean and abundant supply of fish oil. None of the suppliers from the Northern European regions could meet this standard but they eventually found a high quality unpolluted supply from the South Pacific. This was the birth of their Tuna Oil product that we carry. Fish oils, red yeast rice and niacin can lower your LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and raise your HDL cholesterol as well or better than the statin drugs can. They can also have a positive effect on lowering your blood pressure without causing the other dangerous side-effects drugs cause.

Are Your Supplements Working?

So you are taking everything that you think you need or has been recommended but are they really getting into your cells? The first time I did a hair analysis, I was surprised at how mineral deficient I was. I changed the minerals I was taking and in a few months my profile looked much better. Hair analysis is one way to look at the minerals and heavy metals in your body. Now Spectracell Labs has a test that can show you what nutrition is getting into the cells. Their web site states:

SpectraCell’s micronutrient testing is an innovative assessment of a patient’s nutritional status. Unlike
traditional serum, hair and urine tests, SpectraCell’s micronutrient testing measures how an individual’s
white blood cells function in specific nutritional environments. Over 32 vitamins, minerals, amino acids
and antioxidants are evaluated. As a result, individual differences in metabolism, age, genetics, health,
prescription drug usage, absorption rate and other factors are taken into consideration.

They can also test your Omega 3 levels to make sure you aren’t deficient. We can help you get these tests run if you are interested in knowing your levels and improving your chance of avoiding future health problems.

Deadly to Darling

When I was in school (a million years ago), vitamin D was thought to be dangerous in doses over 1000 IU’s a day. We were warned it is a fat soluble vitamin and will build up to toxic levels in the body. We knew that having half your body exposed to sunlight for 20 minutes created about 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D in your body so how could you need so little of it in our diet? Now Vitamin D is the darling of the medical profession since studies have proven that it can prevent 30 different types of cancer and helps osteoporosis. Today patients are being prescribed doses of up to 50,000 IU’s a week. Most doctors still aren’t crazy about using sunlight to get your vitamin D but that is the best source. Twenty minutes a day with half your body exposed to the sun works good for most people. If you are very pale, start with 5 minutes or less and work your way up to 20 minutes. If you are dark skinned then you need 40-60 minutes or more to make the same amount of Vitamin D that a light skinned person does. We also have vitamin D capsules for those too busy to get their sunlight.

Summer Bugs Be Gone

I am not a fan of DEET on my body but I hate bug bites, too. I use Neem spray or Neem lotion to help ward-off mosquitoes. Citronella oil works well and is in Purification Oil from Young Living or you can buy it as a single oil. Citronella oil is less toxic than DEET and seems to work as well. If you are deficient in B vitamins, you tend to be tastier to the flying pests. So increase your B vitamin intake if you find yourself being attacked more than those around you.

Sun Protection

A tan is your best protection from too much sun exposure but you have to start out slow so you don’t get burned. I rarely use sunscreen unless I’m going to be on a boat or at a water park for the day. Long sleeved cotton clothing and hats work well but if you must use sunscreen, zinc oxide is the best. It is a physical block that works without chemicals but it gives you that nice ghostly look that everyone loves. So next best is a more natural sunscreen like Aubrey Organics or check out what is available at Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage in their sunscreen section. Tanned skin needs to be moisturized to keep it from drying out and being damaged. Try coconut oil on your skin after being in the sun and be sure and stay hydrated with lots of water.

Office News

We rarely mention it but we still have our on-line Symptom Survey available for friends and relatives who need help with their health but do not live close enough to come into the office. They can get the access code by emailing staff@drcraigreese.com. There are many things we can help them with after they fill out this simple health survey.