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Newsletter March 2010

I'm sure you are enjoying this beautiful weather like I am.  I love this warm weather and sunshine but I know that snow can strike with a vengeance at any moment during March and April.


I saw an add the other day from Vitamin Cottage where a woman was holding a bottle and stated that 360 days of sunlight were in this bottle.  It was a bottle of vitamin D which many call the "Sunlight Vitamin".  Just to set the record straight, there is no vitamin D in sunshine.  The ultraviolet light from the sun combines with the cholesterol in your skin to be converted to vitamin D in your body.  Vitamin D was for years vilified by the medical profession (like iodine still is) as a dangerous vitamin and that you had to be careful not to overdose.  1000 IU per day was thought to be excessive. But now many doctors are prescribing 50,000 IU or more per week.   This is because the real research showed that it helped protect your body from 30 different types of cancers. 

At first, any doctor who recommended sunlight for their patients was considered a heretic but now they are starting to understand how important the sunlight is to our health.  The key to making vitamin D from sunlight is skin exposure.  Throughout most of the winter, our skin is covered except for our face.  Getting your hour of sunlight a day without contact, glasses or sunglasses is good for pineal glands but doesn't really make much vitamin D.  We need about half our body exposed to the sun for 20-30 minutes to make enough vitamin D to keep us healthy.  The darker your skin the longer the exposure you need to make the same vitamin D as a really pale skinned person.  Since most of you aren't sunbathing in the backyard in the snow drifts, we need to add vitamin D via supplements.  We have a vitamin D with 5000 IU per capsule that will last nearly 2-4 months (depending on your dosage) that costs $10.  A small price to pay to keep cancer away!

The lack of vitamin D can also cause lots of back pain as various studies have found in women from Muslim countries.  Since they are forbidden to go outside without being totally covered up, they have very low vitamin D levels and lots of back pain.  The same was found of a group of women seeking political asylum who were not allowed to go outside.  They had very low levels of D and lots of back pain that was relieved by getting their vitamin D stores back up to normal.  We also know that it helps osteoporosis which is at epidemic levels in this country.  All of this has gotten worse since we have been made afraid of the sun.  People don't go out without sunscreen so the vitamin D is blocked from being produced.  15-30 minutes of sun a day will not cause skin cancer but a lack of vitamin D will!


Consumer Reports recently tested commercially sold chicken from different producers for levels of bacterial contamination: (Read Report)

November 30, 2009

Report: Bacteria in chicken too high

Consumer Reportslatest tests, released today, of 382 whole chickens bought from more than 100 stores in 22 states, found that two-thirds harbor disease-causing bacteria-salmonella, campylobacter or both. While one name brand, Perdue, and most air-chilled organic chickens were significantly less contaminated than Foster Farms and Tyson brand chicken, consumers still need to be extremely vigilant in handling and cooking chicken...The chicken industry can do better. For the store-brand organic chicken CR tested, the salmonella contamination rate was zero-not one of the 44 samples had any salmonella (unfortunately the same cannot be said of campylobacter, which showed up in 57 percent of the store-brand organic birds).   The industry should not be complacent about widespread contamination of chicken with bacteria.  And the USDA must tighten up its standard for salmonella and establish one for campylobacter to insure that the industry addresses the problem.
Salmonella can cause food poisoning and Campylobacter is known to cause ulcers if left untreated.  We can help your body get rid of both of these infections using natural methods.  Please wash all chicken before cooking and make sure the raw juices don't touch any other foods and are cleaned up thoroughly.   That includes knives and cutting boards as well.  Stomach pain, diarrhea, gas, bloating and heartburn can all be signs of this infection.  Don't just cover up the symptoms with Tums or antacids.  Those symptoms are telling you that you have a real problem that needs to be fixed.  We can help fix it without putting you on medications for the rest of your life.