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Happy Holidays!

It is hard to believe we are in the last month of the year! As we have now officially entered what I call the “Season of Eating”, I need to remind you about the increasing likelihood of contracting parasites. Anytime you eat food prepared by someone else, you stand the chance of eating parasite contaminated food. Since we are all going to be eating holiday food prepared by someone else at some point during the next month, we need to help ourselves by also taking anti-parasitic herbs and supplements to ward off these unwanted visitors. I take 2 paradex a day, to help kill off any parasites I might have been exposed to during the day and that works most of the time. You can also use Jug/art and/or Wormwood Complex to do the same thing. Usually by mid to late-December, patients are coming in with colds, flu, digestive problems, etc. Parasites help pull your immune system down and make you more susceptible to other infections that are in the environment just waiting for a weakened immune system to attack. Taking digestive enzymes with Betaine HCL also help protect you from parasites and food poisoning because they keep the gut acidic enough to kill the intruders before they leave the stomach. If you are on acid stopping medications, you are more susceptible to these types of infections. We can help fix your digestion so that you don’t need these medications that only cover-up the problem and lead to other more serious ailments. We have a handout at the office on Acid Stopping Medications if you want to learn more.

Health Savings Accounts

HSA and Flex-Spending Accounts will be altered thanks to the new legislation passed this year. They used to cover nearly everything we do in our office but that is going to change Jan 1. Supplements will no longer be covered and over the counter drugs will no longer be allowed. Below is information from Wiley Long of HSAForAmerica.com. Diane Dunning, who is my agent, works for Wiley and can be reached at DianeDunning@HSAForAmerica.com if you have questions about an HAS or want to get the complete newsletter this was taken from:

Health Care Changes

With a new congress and Constitutional challenges to the new health care law, it is really impossible to predict how things will play out. But we do have an opportunity to make some big improvements, and I hope both political parties will work together to do so. The best aspects of the new law are its attempts to provide greater access to insurance coverage, particularly for dependent children and other people with pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the law that addresses rising costs, and in fact there are many aspects of the legislation that will simply accelerate premium inflation. While many changes are needed, one of the best things that lawmakers can do is to expand the use and scope of Health Savings Accounts. HSAs encourage people to save for future medical expenses, and they encourage people to shop more carefully for health care services because they are spending their own money. These are both great things, for the individual and society. And most people really like the concept. The past year has seen the biggest jump yet in number of people choosing HSA-qualified plans, and the trend doesn't seem to be slowing down. But the limits on HSA contributions are much too restrictive. The average retiring couple will require over $350,000 to pay medical bills that are not covered by Medicare, and some will need a lot more than that. (Within 10 years the typical retiree will be spending $200,000+ on prescription drugs, alone!) I believe that people should be allowed and encouraged to choose even higher deductibles, and contribute even more each year to their HSA. Higher contribution limits would make it possible for more people to have money put aside to pay for their medical expenses during retirement, without having to depend on others to pay for their care. And higher deductibles can allow those who have saved money in their HSA to lower their monthly premiums. I'd like to see the contribution limit raised to at least $20,000, and I don't really see any reason not to allow deductibles as high as $50,000.

Stock Up on Over-The-Counter Meds

If you have an HSA-qualified health insurance plan, you only have until December 31st to pay for over-the-counter medications from your HSA. So you may want to stock up now, so you can pay for it with pre-tax dollars. This will only be considered valid if the physician has prescription-writing privileges in the state where he is operating; i.e. chiropractors and naturopaths will not be able to do this for you in most states. Thus any herbal or nutritional supplements you use will also fall under this new provision. WileyLong@HSAforAmerica.com So those supplements that you were getting reimbursed for this past year will no longer be eligible after 12/31/10 according to Wiley. You might want to stock up before the end of the year.

Office News

We will be closed on Friday Dec 24th but will re-open on Monday the 27th at 9 AM