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Newsletter May 2010

It was good timing last month when I talked about the quality of water and the drugs that are found in our water supply. Two weeks later, Time Magazine had a big article discussing the same problem. We still will have parasites in our drinking water for at least another month. I recently detected parasites in a sample of Eldorado Springs water from a home delivery 5 gallon jug. I keep testing the bottles we have here and have not found a problem with the ½ or full liter bottles. It may have been contamination from the container the jug was sitting in or it could be from the water. If you want me to test your delivered water just bring me in a sample in a clean glass jar on your next visit.

Last Month’s Question

A person is as old as…? Answer: That "a man is an old as his arteries" was stated first by the l7th-Century physician Thomas Sydenham. That "a man's arteries are as old as he makes them" was stated by Robert Bell, a l9th-Century physician. If you have old arteries you will not live long no matter how young you look or feel on the outside. We have ways of helping to reverse that trend.


This is the buzz word for the baby boomer generation of which I am a proud member. We are the generation that is not willing to grow old gracefully but are fighting to keep our youth through exercise, yoga, meditation, lotions, potions and pills. Based on the marketing out there, everything has an anti-aging effect. Now even statin drugs have been shown to have some anti-aging effects when taken in low doses. Animal studies have shown for years that if you just cut their calories about 40%, they live longer. Personally, I don’t call starving a great way to be living! It is a survival reaction to a lack of food that makes your body more efficient and protects your mitochondria (the power plants of our cells) from damage. Recently they were able to use a nutritional supplement to match the low calorie diet longevity in mice studies.

Old product with a new twist

The researchers found that the group of mice given a high calorie diet and trans resveratrol aged the same as the mice on the calorie restricted diet. The mice on the high calorie diet without the supplement died early and their organs were very diseased. The trans resveratrol mimicked the low calorie diet results by helping to heal the mitochondrial DNA and slow down the aging process. I have tested resveratrol for years but was never impressed by it. It has to be in the correct form for it to work. It comes from the skin of grapes and is found in higher concentrations in red wine. There is trans and cis forms and only the trans form seems to work clinically. The combined form or the cis form doesn’t really work and that is what I found in the past with my testing. The trans resveratrol helps to turn on sirtuins.

Magic Proteins

Sirtuins are proteins found in a wide variety of living organisms, from yeasts to people. These proteins appear to play a critical role in the aging process, which has made them of particular interest to human researchers who are interested in the possibility of prolonging life. Like many scientific discoveries, the story of sirtuins was greatly simplified when it made its way into the mainstream media, which has led to some confusion about what these proteins do and how they work. Studies on sirtuins show that they are involved in metabolic regulation. They turn particular genes on and off as needed, for example, and they also work to repair damage to the DNA…The term “sirtuin” is a play on Silent Information Regulator 2 (SIR2) proteins, the formal name for this class of proteins. Like other proteins in the body, the levels of sirtuins can be influenced by a wide variety of factors, and some compounds, including resveratrol, a substance found in many plants, appear to activate sirtuins. Resveratrol is sometimes touted as an “anti-aging compound,” which is not actually the case, since resveratrol only plays an indirect role in the aging process. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-sirtuins.htm

Fasting and Exercise

In addition to taking 250 mg of trans resveratrol per day, you can mimic the calorie restriction by increasing your exercise to 60 minutes a day and fasting for 12 hours a night 3-4 times a week. The fasting is actually pretty easy. Stop eating at 7 PM and have breakfast at 7 AM several days in a week. The exercise has to be 60 minutes long and breaks down into 40 minutes of resistance training and 20 minutes of interval training. If you aren’t exercising now, this is what you work up to over time. I have a handout in the office that talks about exercise for beginners and intermediate programs. For about 10 years I have been testing different workout programs to find a good advanced program but failed until recently. I like to say I developed this workout program but I heard it on a CD by Cardiologist Mark Houston. It will be featured in a book he is writing in the near future. I will let you know when it is available. You can find out more about his writings at http://www.hypertensioninstitute.com


The basics are you will do 4-6 exercises each day and each exercise has 5 sets:

  1. Do a set of 12 reps with the most weight you can use for that exercise (e.g. 100 lbs) Then do a set of 18 reps with 75% of the weight you used on the first set ( 75 lbs) Next do a set of 24 reps with 50% of the max weight (50 lbs)This set do 50 reps with 35% of the max weight (25 lbs)
  2. Go back to the original max weight and do 12 reps again (100 lbs)

Do 1-2 exercises per muscle group only. I split my workouts up like this:

Day 1: Quads, hamstrings, calves, forearms and lower abdominals.
Day 2: Chest, back (2 exercises each) and oblique abdominals
Day 3: Deltoids, biceps, triceps and upper abdominals
Day 4: Repeat Day 1
Day 5: Repeat Day 2
Day 6: Repeat Day 3
Day 7: Rest!

Do this first and when you’re done with the weights you do interval training for 20 minutes.

Interval Training

This is another topic I have written about in the past but to recap; you want to get your heart rate up and then drop it down over and over using running, swimming or cardio machines. After warming up for a minute or two either jogging or on your favorite CV machine, Dr. Houston recommends go as hard as you can for 1 minute and then resting for 3 minutes. You want to get your heart rate up to 80-90% of your max heart rate during this exertion and then let it drop back down to 60% of your MHR during the resting phase. MHR=220-(your age) so mine is 220-55=165. So my heart rate should be between 132 and 148 during my exertion phase based on the standard formula. I have to confess that I usually get my heart rate up to 155-180 during my “sprint phase” and then it drops down to 105-120 during my “rest phase”. I know my MHR is higher than the standard 165 because I surpass that all the time but I do not suggest you to do that. You can also do a different time interval s as long as the rest interval is 3X longer than the sprint interval. I do several sets of a 15 seconds sprint with a 45 second rest to work a different energy system after doing 3 sets of the 1 minute-3 minute program. Total time of sprint-rest intervals is 20 minutes.

Miracle Powder

Dr. Houston makes an energy drink that he starts drinking 10 minutes into his weight workout to keep him energized and to feed his muscles. The exercise routine should be started in the morning after the 11-12 hours of fasting for better production of growth hormone. One of the components of his drink is D-Ribose which was originally found to be helpful with congestive heart failure. I have found that it stops all my muscle soreness that I normally have when I exercise daily. For me this has been a miracle cure for chronic exercise-induced muscle soreness! I was used to my muscles hurting every day from exercise but with D-Ribose, all that pain is gone. It is also helpful for Fibromyalgia and even helps reduce nerve pain. 10-20 grams a day mixed in water, juice or your protein drink will make your muscles, nerves and cells very happy!

Exercise Drink

So the recipe for the drink that you can use starting 10 minutes into your workout is:

16 oz of orange juice
40 grams of Whey protein (Jay Robb is the purest I think)
10 grams of D-Ribose
1 gram of glutamine
3 grams of buffered vitamin C
2 grams of L-Carnitine tartrate

Mix all the ingredients EXCEPT the buffered C in a blender on low. Put the buffered C into the container you are going to use for your drink and then pour the mixed drink in on top of it, seal the container and gentle shake for a couple of seconds. If you put the buffered C in the blender you will have tons of foam. We sell everything for the drink except the orange juice and the L-Carnitine Tartrate or you can get it at Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods. I have found that just the D-Ribose alone works wonders.So with 250 mg of resveratrol (1 pill a day), 10 grams of D-Ribose a day, 12 hours of fasting at night 3-4 days a week and work yourself up to 60 minutes of exercise (resistance training twice as long as interval training) you could improve your lifespan by 1/3. For a 50 year old that means you get an additional 10 years added to the 30 more you are supposed to live. I think those changes are easier than cutting my calories by 40% for the next 40 years!Next month I will discuss natural treatments for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Office News

We will be closed May 31st for Memorial Day.