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November 2020
New Research


October 2020
Too Sensitive


September 2020
Operation Warp Speed


August 2020
Unintended Consequences


July 2020
A Love Letter


June 2020
Political Medicine


May 2020


April 2020
Immune System

March 2020
Corona Virus


February 2020

January 2020

Novemeber 2019

Novemeber 2019


October 2019
Medicare only option?


September 2019
Most Dangerous Vaccine

August 2019
Brain Issues


July 2019
Vaccine Issues

June 2019
Brain Issues


May 2019
Organic Foods


Apr 2019
Best Salt Option

Mar 2019
Diet Season

Feb 2019
National Heart Month

Dec 2018
Bodily Functions

Nov 2018
Reversing Vaccine Damage

Oct 2018
Treating Flu Vaccine Damage

Sept 2018
Why Supplements

Pot Research
Aug 2018

July 2018
Breathe Easier

June 2018
The Season For Sunscreen

May 2018
Drug Resistant Bugs

April 2018
Shed The Winter Coat

Feb 2018
Flu Epidemic

Jan 2018

Dec 2017
Season of Eating

Oct/Nov 2017
Flu Season

September 2017
Turn off the noise

August 2017
Sunshine Vitamin

July 2017
Part 4-Endocrine Disruptors and Detoxification

June 2017
Hormones Part 3- Leaky Gut and Fatty Acids

May 2017
Hormones Part 2-Insulin Resistance

April 2017
Hormones Part 1

Feb 2017
Eat more and exercise less

Jan 2017
Big Pharma’s Latest Vaccine

Dec 2016
Food and Parasites

Nov 2016
CDC to Adopt Soviet-Style Powers

Oct 2016
Flu Shots

Sept 2016
Help With Pain

Aug 2016
Cancer Cure and Statins

July 2016
Zika Virus Hype

June 2016
Infections and Breathing Issues

May 2016
Staying Healthy And Pain Free

April 2016
Aspirin Myth

March 2016
Pesticide, Not Zika

February 2016
I Resolve…

January 2016
Dieting Dilemmas

Decmber 2015
Pet Flu Shots

November 2015

October 2015
Why Would Anyone get a Flu Vaccine?

September 2015
Cognitive Decline

August 2015
Widow Maker

July 2015
Mosquito Help

June 2015
Mass Medication

May 2015
Bloodwork & Chronic Kidney Disease

April 2015
Six Choices That Can Make or Break Your Heart

March 2015
The Measles are commin

February 2015
Science Doesn't Lie!

January 2015
Your Vision

December 2014
Vitamin D

October 2014
Extra Protein

August 2014
What Is Good nutrition

June 2014
Chemical Farming

May 2014
Sounds Fishy

April 2014
Nosocomial Nightmare

March 2014
Here we go Again

January 2014
Brain Health

December 2013 Newsletter
Should You Get A Shingles Vaccine?

November 2013 Newsletter
Flu Monster

October 2013 Newsletter
Antimicrobial Resistance

Septmeber 2013 Newsletter
Leaky Gut?

August 2013 Newsletter
Natural Insect Repellent Ingredients

July 2013 Newsletter
Battle Of The Bulge

June 2013 Newsletter
High intensity training

May 2013 Newsletter
Eye care quiz

April 2013 Newsletter
Health Fair

March 2013 Newsletter
With snow - Injured Back & Shoulders

February 2013 Newsletter
Did Your New Year's Resolution diet Last?

January 2013 Newsletter
Vitamin D

December 2012 Newsletter
Blood Testing Is Important

November 2012 Newsletter
Infectious diseases spread through food or beverages

October 2012 Newsletter
All Vaccines Suppress Your Immune System

September 2012 Newsletter

Romney and Obama: Both Wrong on Medicare  by Michael D. Tanner

August 2012 Newsletter

The Quest For Youth

June 2012 Newsletter

Eating This Could Turn Your Gut into a Living Pesticide Factory

May 2012 Newsletter
Blood Sugar Problems

April 2012 Newsletter

Blood Work

March 2012 Newsletter

Male Menopause

Feb 2012 Newsletter
All Baby Boomers Brains are Degenerating

Jan 2012 Newsletter
A new Year A New You

December 2011 Newsletter
Season of eating

November 2011 Newsletter

Functional endocrinology II

October 2011 Newsletter

The Diagnosis and Cure Doctors Frequently Get Wrong

September 2011 Newsletter

Functional endocrinology

August Newsletter
Good multi-vitamin and extra minerals are important to your health

July Newsletter

Autoimmune Disorders

June 2011 Newsletter
Muscle Rejuvenation vs. Muscle Buildup

May 2011 NewsletterApril 2011 Newsletter

Anti Aging

March 2011 Newsletter
Gluten Sensitivity

Feburary 2011 Newsletter
Sunshine Vitamin 

January 2011 Newsletter
The Big Leap

December 2010 Newsletter
Health Savings Accounts

November 2010 Newsletter

October 2010 Newsletter
Flu Shots / Corn Syrup
September 2010 Newsletter
Saliva vs. Serum Testing
August 2010 Newsletter
Diabetes / Harmones
July 2010 Newsletter
Supplements / Sun Protection
June 2010 Newsletter
Cholesterol and your Heart
May 2010 Newsletter
Anti Aging/Fasting and Exercise
April 2010 Newsletter
Drinking Water Quality
March 2010 Newsletter
Vitamin D/ Salmonella
February 2010 Newsletter
Hyperthyroid / Hashimoto’s Disease
December 09 Newsletter
Parasites, Food Poisening, Remedies
November 09 Newsletter
Sugar and the Immune System
October 09 Newsletter
September 09 Newsletter
Healthcare Debate
August 09 Newsletter
Flu, Healthcare
July 09 Newsletter
Parasites, Bugs and Sun
April 09 Newsletter
Drug Precautions
Feb 09 Newsletter
Breast Cancer and Iodine
January 09 Newsletter
Happy New Year
October 08 Newsletter
Acid vs. Alkaline
May 08 Newsletter
Biotech Foods
April 08 Newsletter
Drug Reactions
March 08 Newsletter
Jan 08 Newsletter
Natural Solutions, Colds, Flu
Dec 07 Newsletter
Food Poisening, Gallbladder
Nov 07 Newsletter
Spinal Decompression
Aug 07 Newsletter
July 07 Newsletter
The Antioxidant Hoax
June 07 Newsletter
Truth in Labeling/Self Insurance
May 07 Newsletter
Vitamin D/Sunshine
April 07 Newsletter
Vitamin Studies
January 07 Newsletter
Breast and Cervical Cancer
December 06 Newsletter
Holiday Newsletter
October 06 Newsletter
Healthy Travel
August 06 Newsletter
DRX Back Treatment Questions
June 06 Newsletter
March 06 Newsletter
Back Health
January 06 Newsletter
Spinal Decompression
June/July 2005 Newsletter
Sunlight and Vitamin D
April/May 2005 Newsletter
Synthetic vs. Whole Food Supplements
June/July 2004 Newsletter
Bio Cranial Therapy
April/May 2004 Newsletter
Cortisol relationship to Weight Problems
February/March 2004 Newsletter
Franken-foods • Flour • Nutrition
GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
December/January 2004 Newsletter
Parasites • Fatigue• Sleep
October/November 2003 Newsletter
menopause • harmones
August/September 2003 Newsletter
Standard American Diet • Diabetes
Cancer • Sugar Sensitivity
June/July 2003 Newsletter
SARS • Flu Shots • Custom Vitamins
Eating right for your body
April/May 2003 Newsletter
Fats • Essential Fatty Acids
Saturated Fats • Hydrogenated Oils
February/March 2003 Newsletter
Vaccinations • Smallpox
Gulf War Syndrome
December 2002 Newsletter
Atkins Diet • Cholesterol Myths
Statin Drugs • Heart Disease

Oct/Nov 2002 Newsletter
Dieting Dilemmas Part II
Exercise • Internal Problems (re: weight)
Fat Phobic Foods • Atkins Diet

May/June 2002 Newsletter
Dieting Dilemmas
Atkins Diet • Paleo Diet
Fat Flush Plan • False Fat Diet
Reactive Foods • Food Allergy Testing

Spring 2002 Newsletter
Parasites • Wrinkle Cure