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March 2019 Newsletter

This month,the beginning of spring is upon us and with it comes the run-off of the snow melt.  Every spring we tend to find parasites in our tap water.  Please filter your drinking water but avoid using pitcher-type filters since they don’t seem to work as well as refrigerator, faucet filters or reverse osmosis systems.  Bottled water needs to have displayed on the label that some type of filtration or purification was done to the water before it was bottled.

Spring Break
You might be one of the lucky one’s who is heading for the beach or warmer weather during your local school district’s spring break week.  Now you want to get in bathing suit shape in a hurry after a winter of eating the wrong foods and not exercising enough.  How are you going to do that?

Starvation diets work every time they are tried because you will lose weight.  No one came out of a concentration camp with a weight problem.  They also didn’t come out with their muscles intact.  You will lose a lot of muscle on a low-calorie diet and you will shutdown your metabolism so that you burn less calories every day.  Many low-calorie dieters get into the yo-yo effect of the weight coming back on as fast as it went off and they now have a higher body fat percentage than they did before they started dieting since they lost muscle during the diet and only put fat back on.

Metabolic Typing Diet
I’ve mentioned this book by William Wolcott many times since its publication is 2000 and I still find it to be the best answer for most people who are fighting their weight.  Have you ever known a fat vegetarian or someone who tried an Atkins-type diet of high protein and fat who gained weight? 
I’ve seen lots of them in the last 36 years of practice.  Take the test at:https://uprightmovement.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/The_Metabolic_Type_Self_Test.pdf to figure out if you are a Carb, Protein or Mixed type.  Then it the foods that are best for your metabolic type.  You can also try just avoiding sugar, alcohol, grains and dairy for a few weeks and see if the inches don’t fall off your waist.This is not the Blood Type Diet which I don’t recommend.

Now that you are eating better, you only have 2-3 weeks to get that bathing suit body so it’s time to hit the gym.  Weightlifting increases your metabolic rate and makes you feel stronger.  You are not in there to body build, powerlift or set Olympic lifting records.  You are there to move light to moderate weights with minimal rest.  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  Moving from machine to machine or one weight training exercise to the next will get your heart rate up and make you pant and sweat.  Many gyms have circuits of machines where you can do a set of 10-15 reps on a machine and then move to the next, and the next, etc. until you’ve done most of your body parts at least once.  Repeat that circuit 1-2 more times and you are done for the day.  Do that 2-3 times in a week and you will notice a difference in how your clothes fit. 
After the weight circuit, use the elliptical or stationary bike to finish your workout.  Warm up for 1-3 minutes at an easy pace.  Then you are going to raise the resistance of the machine you are on and goes as fast as you can for 20 seconds, slow or stop for 10 seconds and then fast again for another 20 seconds. 

Try to eventually do 8 cycles of 20 seconds fast and 10 seconds slow.  Use a heart rate monitor to see how high you get your heart rate.  You should be panting after each 20 second sprint.  In 4 minutes, you will have done more for your fitness and metabolism than an hour of slow and steady cardio.  The entire workout above should take you less than 30 minutes to complete and only needs to be done 2-3 times a week.  You can warm down on that same machine for 2-5 minutes after your fast cycles are over by going slowly and reducing the resistance to nearly zero.

I caution that you should not be attempting this type of workout if you have a heart condition or other severe illness that prevents you from pushing your body like this.  In those cases, gentle walking and specific cardiac rehabilitation is the best exercise.  Get your MD’s permission first if you aren’t sure.  You will look and feel better in a few weeks following the above program.

Happy Spring Break and Welcome Spring Weather!

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