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May 2019 Newsletter

As everything is greening up and starting to bloom, I look at the stark contrast between winter and spring.  Nothing grows in the winter except maybe piles of snow whereas the spring is full of growth and motion and change.  Our bodies are the same, motion is what keeps us young and your body is always changing even if you don’t think so.  It’s either getting better or getting worse; there is no staying the same. 

It’s your choice as to which way you want your body and your health to go…better or worse.  It takes work to be healthy, to be happy, to be successful, to be strong, to be pain-free but the results are worth the effort.  As we get older, it takes more work to keep things running like they were when you were young.  Just like it takes more work to keep your 1965 Mustang running then it does a 2019 Mustang.  Unfortunately, some people treat their cars better than they treat their bodies!
I get a big kick out of “experts” who claim that the food we eat has nothing to do with our health.  Ask those same experts if they would be OK with putting water in the gas tank of their fancy expensive car?  How about pond scum or sand?  I don’t think you would get any takers.

Now your body is a lot more resilient than any car engine because it can adapt to most anything for a while.  But we live in a greatplace where there are lots of farms where you can get an abundance of clean, locally sourced meat, fruits and veggies.  Some is organic and some isn’t but it’s fresh and buying it helps support the local economy. 

Upping the Ante on Organic Foods

The information below is from an article on mercola.com and the person being quoted is HendrikusSchraven, founder of Hendrikus Organics.

Truly organic food is not just about the absence of chemicals. While that's certainly important from a health standpoint, you can have organic food that is neither tasty nor exceedingly nutritious, for the fact that it's been grown in denatured soils.
It's important to realize that the nutrition really comes from the soil, with healthy soil creating more nutrient-dense produce. So even though the organic market is steadily growing, not all organic farmers are using methods that will regenerate and optimize soil health.

"The way to change the paradigm is by requesting the farmers grow higher nutritional food," Hendrikus says. "You go to the market and you say to one of the stands, 'Hey, can I have a little slice of that?' You taste it and you go, 'Nah, sorry. That isn't doing it.' You move on to the next stand, and you immediately set into motion that everybody has to up the ante,

"Hendrikussays."You're not going to get it via politics. You're not going to get it via the government ... You're going to get it by the demand of the people to the people that are growing it. They are going to turn that around ... If you say, 'If it's GMO I'm not buying it,' automatically it shuts GMOs down. You don't have to fight them [by protesting] in the streets."

In order for that strategy to work, however, people need to be aware that there are differences between genetically engineered (GE) foods, chemically farmed foods and organic. Many are still unaware of these differences and therefore cannot vote with their pocketbook, which is a most powerful strategy.https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/08/28/soil-restoration-techniques.aspx

If you like to garden and grow your own food, be sure to rebuild your soil using some of the techniques listed in the article above or in the book Empty Harvest, by Mark Anderson.

Office News
I will be attending a seminar out of state May 1-5th so I will not be in the office.  Rebecca will still be here during normal office hours on that first Wed, Thur and Friday of May.  I will be back in the office on Monday May 6th.  We will be closed on Monday the 27th for Memorial Day.