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May 2020 Newsletter

I am sure by now; you are going stir-crazy being confined in and around your home.  At least the weather is mostly cooperating and you can get outside.  Many of the golf courses are opening up so you can take out your frustrations on a little white ball instead of the people you’ve been stuck with at home.  I’ve seen lots of runners, bikers and hikers getting their exercise on the roads and trails around town.  Let’s hope this month our lives can get back to normal.

For the first time in history, we have quarantined the well people to protect the sick.  Normally it is the other way around. In the beginning they didn’t really know what they were dealing with as far as how deadly or contagious this virus was.  They are really still guessing and their poorly designed models keep changing daily. 

The biggest mistake made is letting political and academic medicine dictate social policy.  Epidemiologist will conceive of epidemics and pandemics with every new virus.  Academic medicine swears the only solution is a vaccine.  No matter how poorly the flu vaccine works each year, they still urge everyone to get one.  They believe that the human body cannot survive without their intervention. 

The Black Plague was estimated to kill 60% of the population where it was found and the Spanish Flu killed a third of the world’s population in 1918 but neither killed everyone.  Why is that? 

The difference in immune systems, health and sanitation.  The cities of old where highly polluted places as compared with living on farms and in forests.  New York City is a very polluted place especially since the towers went down.  A cloud of asbestos, concrete, jet fuel and atomized human tissue pushed into every nook and cranny of that city when those towers collapsed.  Those buildings left standing will never be the same.  Add to it the daily pollution of millions of people living in a small area and you get a lot of weak immune systems.  It’s not surprising that it is the epicenter of the most COVID infections in this country.

It is also an area that attracts tourists who bring their own foreign bugs when they visit.  LA, Seattle and even Summit County, Colorado are tourist destinations.  That contributes to them  being hot spots with a flu outbreak.When your body is faced with a new “bug” it’s never seen before, your innate immune system goes to work first and then you develop antibodies to it with your adaptive immune system.  The better your immune system, the faster this works.  This is why many people who have never been sick will have IgG antibodies to this virus whenever they get tested.  People that are currently sick with the virus will have IgM antibodies and then both IgM and IgG until it’s gone.  The IgG antibodies will be circulating in the blood for a while.

Your vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, plenty of sleep, fresh air, sunshine, exercise and eating real food all help support a healthy immune system.  Since the WHO and CDC don’t approve of this message, Facebook has decided to ban anything like that information on their site.  These facts are not in dispute and there are thousands of nutrition studies to back this up.  But it doesn’t sell drugs or vaccines so it is not appreciated by Big Pharma and political medicine.

I still want to know what happened to the seasonal flu that was being written about in late November-early December of 2019 as to how it was ramping up quickly and was predicted to be a bad flu season.  Now, with the way the political medicine is counting the stats, every illness or death is somehow COVID related.  No more seasonal flu and pneumonia deaths for 2020?  How is that possible when we normally have 30,000-80,000 every year?Remember, figures don’t lie but liars figure…

The other confusing part is the different testing methods used to determine if you have the virus and how accurate they are.  These things are all new and at best are in the 90% accuracy range according to the developers.  The original ones sent by the CDC were really flawed and created quite a mess.  They finally were forced to open the testing to private labs to develop their own tests instead of trying to monopolize the nation’s testing. MIT has an interesting article about this:https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/03/05/905484/why-the-cdc-botched-its-coronavirus-testing.  Those tests were PCR tests looking for the virus in the sample.  The faster tests, that now give you results in 5-10 minutes, are antibody tests looking for IgM and IgG  mentioned above.Get outside and enjoy springtime in Colorado and stay well!